February 7, 2023

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119 Thai Baht Charcoal BBQ Buffet in Krabi, Thailand

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119 Thai Baht Charcoal BBQ Buffet in Krabi, Thailand

How much would you pay for a Charcoal BBQ Buffet in Krabi, Thailand? I paid 119 Thai Baht (RM 12 / US$ 4) for it. How did we do it?

We understand Thailand is popular with 99 Thai Baht (RM 10 / US$ 3) BBQ Buffet. The same applies to Krabi Thailand. However, due to recent increase of food prices, it is no longer 99 Thai Baht but 119 Thai Baht.

To get to know more about this places, we asked the locals and we got the location from the hotel bus driver. There are a few restaurants in Krabi offering 119 Baht BBQ Buffet and we chose the nearest restaurant to Aonang beach.

The place is called Rim Ta Non Moo Ka Ta, translated from Thai by the owner. I recommend you all to print this picture to show the local driver or tuk-tuk instead trying to be smart and read this in Thai.

A five minute drive from Aonang beach, we reached this small restaurant by the road side. We stopped and went in to check out the restaurant.

The friendly owner spoke to me in Thai, assuming we are Thais. The locals who were having their dinner there were shocked to see us. I told the owner that there were twenty of us, she smiled and said okay!

We checked out the food section (on three tables). It is definitely much smaller version than the ones in Bangkok. The fresh vegetables, mushrooms were placed together with instant noodles and “bee hoon”.

Then they had the meat section with bacon, pork meat, chicken meat, cuttle fish, prawns, fish balls and etc.

They also had athe sauce section with a different version of chilli sauces and couple of other seasonings available.

The dessert section was together with banana, watermelon and pineapple. Fried noodle and fried rice was at the same section.

We went there with family and friends from United States. As I mentioned, there were 20 of us and I bet it was their best evening of the year!

They started off by putting the hot flaming charcoal pot on the table.

Then they put the BBQ set on top of the pot. The top area is for grilling while the bottom part is for soup. They put a huge piece of pork lard on top of the BBQ set to make it greasy.

The next few hours were purely a feast. The waitresses kept refilling the food and we kept on going having them.

Drinks were not included in the set but for 119 Thai Baht would you complain? Not for me.

This kind of BBQ Buffet is very popular among the locals. The food they served was fresh and clean. The owner and the staffs were friendly. The restaurant can be reachable via taxi or tuk-tuk. You can even walk back to Aonang beach for 15 to 20 minutes. Please print out the Thai card instead of showing the address in English, I bet it is safer that way. We loved and enjoyed their food, we definitely will go back there for a feast again.


Rim Ta Non Moo Ka Ta Address and Contact:

104, (33 Apartment)

No 2,Subdistrie, Ao-Nang

Distrie Maung

Krabi Province 81000

Tel: 089-8671174

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