March 24, 2023

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5 Reasons to Visit Hong Kong Disneyland for 5th Anniversary Celebration and Sparkling Christmas

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5 Reasons to Visit Hong Kong Disneyland for 5th Anniversary Celebration and Sparkling Christmas

2011 is a very special for Hong Kong Disneyland as they celebrate their 5th Anniversary Celebration. I know this might be a very late blog post but it is worth to write this. Moreover, they are celebrating their Sparkling Christmas too until year end.

Next month will be the last month of the year and it is the very right reason to visit Hong Kong Disneyland before the year ends. I will list down 5 reasons to visit Hong Kong Disneyland for its 5th Anniversary Celebration and Sparkling Christmas now.

Character Meet and Greet

You might think it is the same characters that you have seen for the first four years, you are so wrong. For the 5th Anniversary Celebration, Tinkerbell made her special appearances daily to meet and greet. Not forgetting the new addition to Hong Kong Disneyland, Tangled princess, Rapunzel.

Flights of Fantasy Parade

The fantasy parade took a fresh look-up with flights of fantasy parade. Featuring all the Disney characters, the flights of Fantasy Parade will blow you away.

Hey its Jungle Book!

Anniversary Mementos

Want to make your trip to Disneyland memorable? Get their limited edition 5th anniversary mementos from apparels to toys. We bought many 5th anniversary fridge magnets for our family and friends.

Tinkerbell Castle

Everyone knows about Disneyland’s signature fireworks display. However for the 5th anniversary, there is also another spectacular light show happening daily before the fireworks show. It is called the Tinkerbell Castle Illumination Show. Click here for the video.

Sparkling Christmas

Celebrate your Christmas holiday in style with Sparkling Christmas from Nov 18 to Jan 2 with Christmas Festivities, Holiday Gifts and special Christmas Menu. With the cold and chilly weather in Hong Kong during year end, celebrating Christmas in Hong Kong will never be the same.

This year we visited Hong Kong Disneyland twice and we bought the yearly pass. We are still planning to go again next year. If you think that you have seen enough of Hong Kong Disneyland, this could change your mind. Hope everyone enjoys and have a great time in Hong Kong Disneyland.

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6 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Visit Hong Kong Disneyland for 5th Anniversary Celebration and Sparkling Christmas

  1. Nice review. Made me want to go and have a holiday there for the celebration. Actually started looking at ticket prices. 🙂

  2. Hi Anna,

    I received your message on lodging in Hong Kong, I will get back to you with some recommendations.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. Wilee,

    We didn’t queue up for it as it was quite long so we didn’t take picture with the characters. Maybe next time.


  4. Hi Pete,

    But next year will not be the 5th year anniversary! Anyways, thanks for commenting.


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