February 6, 2023

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From Taiping Lake Garden with Love

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From Taiping Lake Garden with Love

It is considered as one of the oldest lake in Malaysia. Thus, it is also considered as one of the most romantic and beautiful lakes in the country.

The Taiping Lake Garden is the first public garden established during British era. The garden is located near Maxwell Hill or Larut Hill, the famous Taiping Zoo and the town center.

Originally a mining site, it was converted to a public garden in 1880. Its beauty earned admiration of many which includes Cuthbert Woodville Harrison who wrote about it in 1911.

The streets are shaded by rows of the angsena tree, which at irregular intervals bursts forth into a riot of blossoms, even more yellow than those of the laburnum. These it rains down in golden snow upon the streets, providing a carpet fit for a Sultan, for yellow is the royal colour in the East. With its golden snow, the angsena spreads abroad an almost overpowering scent, even more sweet than the smell of the pinang blossom. Most of the towns in Malaya have planted this Pterocarpus indicus as shade tree, but in Taiping it has grown to a greater height than elsewhere.

—Cuthbert Woodville Harrison, An Illustrated Guide to the Federated Malay States (1911)

With the backdrop of Maxwell / Larut Hill, Taiping is a very laidback town. Hence, Taiping is also considered as a wet town as it has the most rainfall in average in a year in the country. Shower rains are frequent in Taiping and I do wonder how the residents in Taiping dry their clothes.

Every morning and evening, residents will exercise or jog around the lake garden. During weekends, the lake garden is a favourite spot for family activities. Thus, many would enjoy the famous Taiping Zoo near Lake Garden. Now the Taiping Zoo also offers Night Safari experience.

Personally, I have been to Taiping Lake Garden various times and it never stopped me from driving around the lake. I will try to visit the Taiping Zoo for the Night Safari experience. I have stayed Flemington Hotel which is located at the lake side a few years ago where every morning I was treated with the scenic lake view. After all the memorable experience I have with Taiping Lake Garden, I understand now the term “From Taiping with Love”. It is love, full of love indeed.

Taiping is located on the north of Ipoh and easily accessible via PLUS highway. Taiping is also a food haven and the city is heavily influenced with pre-war and British built buildings.

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  1. Congratulations on having the ‘sense’ to understand the term ‘from taiping with love’ – the only country that is related to ‘Love’ as it top most priority subject in Malaysia. Lot of people (regardless of what race) that are from taiping; usually (& actually) understand Love better than any other states.

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