December 8, 2023


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Asahi Super Dry Joins Carlsberg Malaysia

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Asahi Super Dry Joins Carlsberg Malaysia

For those who know me well, I was heavily influenced by JPOP (Japanese POP Culture) during my childhood. I am also in love with Japanese food and my first love with Asahi Super Dry was seven years ago when I went for a road trip to Southern Thailand and I bought my first Asahi Super Dry. It was a 2 liter Asahi Super Dry can and I kept the huge can up to today. (I had problem bringing the can back because it exceeded the 1 liter limit for alcohol at the Malaysian Custom). I still enjoy Asahi Super Dry from time to time even though some prefer the regular brands.

Sakura Season at Double Tree Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Recently I was invited by Milk PR and Carlsberg Malaysia to attend the launch of the Asahi Super Dry Draught in Double Tree Hotel. Asahi Super Dry will be brewed locally by Carlsberg Malaysia at its brewery in Shah Alam, and to be made available on tap at selected trendy bars, concept restaurants and high-end eateries nationwide. It was a remarkable deal between Asahi Group Holdings Ltd and Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd.

Asahi Super Dry Launch at Double Tree Hotel, picture credits to
At the event, Mr. Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd said that “Malaysian’s can now enjoy Asahi Super Dry using Karakuchi, a secretly guarded Japanese brewing style, that has not only captured the taste buds of premium beer drinkers the world over but that has also set the gold standard in Japanese brewing.”

Next, Mr. Toshido Kodato, Director, Corporate Officer, of Asahi Group Holdings Ltd commented “Carlsberg Malaysia is the second brewery after Balkita Breweries (Carlsberg Russia) that was awarded the rights to manufacture this high quality beer.”

Harujuku Model dancing during the event.
Hence with this alliance, Carlsberg Malaysia now adds the No. 1 Japanese beer brand to its long list of no. 1s which includes the Kronenbourg 1664 & Blanc (No. 1 of France), Corona (No. 1 of Mexico), Budweiser (No. 1 of USA), Foster (No. 1 Australian beer in the world), Becks (No. 1 German beer in the world), and Hoegaarden (No. 1 Belgian Wheat beer in the world). Thus, Carlsberg Malaysia aimed to have a bigger market share in beer segment in Malaysia.

Asahi Super Dry Draught, sorry for the bad quality picture.


The taste of the beer was refreshing! Trust me I had heaps of Asahi Super Dry at the event.


Me and Malaysia Hottest Bloggers Naomi and Isabella.
I enjoyed myself during the event and met with the usual whose who such as friends, media and blogger friends. We were also entertained by DJ Faith and a troupe of Harajuku dancers, Dennis Lau, Shawn Lee, Nadhira and rapper Vandal.

Thank you Milk Pr and Calsberg Malaysia for the invitation, as usual I enjoyed Asahi Super Dry!

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  1. I don’t know about others ..I’ve been drinking beer for quiet years and I never felt like sticking with one particular beer like Asahi super dry for any occasion. This beer is my source of life lol XD

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