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Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant Richmond, Vancouver

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Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant Richmond, Vancouver

If you are looking for an authentic Shanghai food in Vancouver, this restaurant will be the right place for you. Located in Richmond, a Chinese populated area of Vancouver, Shanghai Wonderful restaurant lived up to its name.
Shanghai Wonderful1
Like many popular Chinese restaurants, the restaurant was often packed.
Shanghai Wonderful2
Even for a table of four, we waited for almost 45 min.
Shanghai Wonderful3
For those who didn’t know, Shangfai food has lots of variant cold served food. That was something that we are not really used to it.
Shanghai Wonderful4
The hot food like the prawns was good.
Shanghai Wonderful5
We felt the skin of the xiao long bau was slightly thicker.
Shanghai Wonderful6
Overall, the cold dishes were new to us and it was foreign to our taste palettes. However, it didn’t mean the food is bad or horrible.  Thus, the food prices were slightly over average.

Verdict: 3/5 for Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant

Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant Address and Contact:

8380 Lansdowne Rd Map

Richmond, BC V6X

(604) 278-8829


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