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Express Your Love for Valentine to Win a Holiday to Tasmania

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Express Your Love for Valentine to Win a Holiday to Tasmania

We blogged about Love! Tasmania campaign on our previous post and the possibility of a FREE travel for an 8 Days 6 Nights trip to Tasmania for 2! Hence, we also mentioned all the fun on Tasmania and also the RM 24,000 worth of prizes. Now, it is time to show you all how to enter the campaign.

First of all, it is NOT a Facebook “Like” popularity contest and it only consist 30% of the full criteria. It means even the highest Facebook “Likes” won’t guarantee you your ticket.  This is really a fair deal if you asked us. Now understanding you stand a higher chance, we bet you want to join this campaign.

How to participate? Read this:

In 100 words or less Express Your Love for what you love in life

* It could be in the form of a poem, a passage, a song or video – Be as creative as you like.

* If you can include Tasmania it would help!

* Entries can include a photo* or video* (30 seconds to 1 minute in length)

*Note: Image should be sent in jpeg format with less than 1MB. Video should be uploaded to youtube

and limit to 30 second to one minute. Please submit your video link only but not the actual video. Please ensure the copyright is solely owned by submitted participant, or copyright is cleared. All images and videos submitted are automatically giving Tourism Tasmania free rights to use for their own marketing purposes.

Entries will be loaded from 13 to 23 February 2012

After approval by Tourism Tasmania administrator the entry will be loaded onto Tourism Tasmania’s DiscoverTasmania facebook page.

Get your friends and family to ‘like’ your entry from 14 to 27 February 2012.

Judging will be undertaken by the following criteria

    * 30% Number of ‘Likes’ received

    * 30% Creativeness of entry

    * 40% Overall Presentation

Winners announced on 29th February 2012.

There will be four sets of winners – one each from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China

From 13th to 20th March 2012 the winners will travel to Tasmania on an overnight flight on 13th March and then enjoy 6 glorious nights in Tasmania.

Other Prizes to be Won!

 Tourism Tasmania does not want to just award one prize. There will be additional prizes offered:


* Best Comment made in an Entry

    * Best Presented Entry

    * Most Creative Entry

Each winner will win a RM600 travel voucher

Tourism Tasmania reserves all rights of submitted LOVE Tasmania work and it can be used for Tourism Tasmania promotional purposes.


Now our entry….


To my wife Rachel,


It has been more than a year since we married and life never been so exciting and fun. We travelled more than we ever did and we also gained weight like never before. It has been almost ten years since we travelled to Australia together and I hope we can do that again. I was never your best friend like your friends’ husbands but I am a Koala bear inside me that they could never be. You are always my Tasmanian devil and I’m always your Koala bear! Our love is forever!



And this would be our love picture of us on Tasmania!

We hope everyone have fun joining this campaign like us. Good luck everyone and hope to see you in Tasmania!

Mesmerize and dream no more, you can win yourself an 8 Days 6 Nights trip to Tasmania for 2! Just “Express Your Love” for whatever it is that he/she loves and stands a chance to win!


Please check out the details at http://campaigns.discovertasmania.com/intl/asia/my/love/

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