March 23, 2023

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Himuro Shrine Nara 氷室神社

This is our second story on Nara (yes, there will be more coming). You might have read on our first story onDaigoku-den Hall, Heijo Palace Site, Nara. If you have not, you still can read it at  Daigoku-den Hall, Heijo Palace Site, Nara.

Daigoku-den Hall, Heijo Palace Site

As we mentioned in our earlier story, we bought the Kansai Thru Pass for 5000 Yen (RM 200 / US 66) for 3 days unlimited passes in Kansai and we made it worthwhile as we traveled to Nara from Osaka with it. Take the Kintetsu Nara Line from Osaka and you will reach Nara at the Kintetsu Nara Station. Nara is reachable too via JR Pass via JR trains and JR Stations.
The train took almost an hour from Osaka to Nara via Kintetsu line. The best thing about taking the local train is the view of the towns and sceneries in between.

Stop at the last station which is the Kintetsu Nara Station and go to the Tourist Information Center at Ground level and collect some maps and information from them. They have an English speaking old Japanese lady who was very humble and friendly. Coincidently she travelled to Malaysia a week before we met her.

Todaiji Temple…
There are few main attractions in Nara which includes Heijo Palace Site, Todaiji Temple, Kofukuji Temple, Nara Park and Kasuga Taisha. However there are also smaller shrines in Nara which includes Himuro Shrine氷室神社.

Himuro Shrine Nara

Himuro Shrine氷室神社 is located near Kintetsu Nara Station which is around 15 min walk from the station. Nara is a very peaceful city and surrounded by wild deer. Even though they are used to the presence of humans, they could be aggressive at times according to the notice boards around Nara.

Walking in Nara is easier for tourists. Notice boards and maps are all around the city and it is in English too.

Himuro Shrine氷室神社 is across of the road to Nara National Museum.The shrine dating from 1217 and home to several fine cherry trees. Although the architecture is unremarkable, the trees in front of the shrine explode into beautiful clouds of pale pink and white blossoms in spring (late March-early April). We were not there for Sakura season but the temple is still a beauty.

Please see the attached map for directions. Estimation walk time is around 15 minutes. Hence, you will pass by Himuro Shrine氷室神社 if you are going to Todaiji Temple or Kasuga Taisha because the shrine is located at the middle of the journey. Good luck in finding (it should very easy as maps are all around).

Himuro Shrine Nara 氷室神社 Contact, Tel and Map:


1-4 Kasugano-cho, Nara, Nara Prefecture 630-8212, Japan

Tel: +81 742-23-7297+81 742-23-7297 ‎

View Himuro Shrine Nara in a larger map


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