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Koala Conservation Centre Philip Island, Victoria

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Koala Conservation Centre Philip Island, Victoria

When you mention about animals in Australia, they are kangaroo, koala, wombat, emu, platypus, wallaby and koala bear.

I stayed in Australia more than a year ten years ago and I never seen a live koala bear before. Last year, I finally saw one when I visited the Koala Conservation Centre in Philip Island.

Thousands or maybe millions flock to Philip Island for only one reason, the penguin watching. There are more just penguins on Philip Island and the Koala Conservation Centre is one of them.

My visit to the center was sponsored by Tourism Australia and Tourism Victoria as part of their Victoria Self Drive campaign. The whole trip was nine days in total and you can read our full adventure by clicking the picture below.

For those who have never seen a koala bear like me, this is the place you must visit if you are in Philip Island.

The Koala Conservation Centre is filled with information about koalas that all you need.

On top of the hard rock informations, I find the center is entertaining with interactive features. This is a semi educational tour for me. Thus, koala lives entirely on eucalypt leaves.

The koalas were at the Koala Board Walk, there was a guide explaining to us about the habitat and the characteristics of the cute bears.

Koala has a low metabolism rate so they can rest motionless from 16 to 18 hours a day. Don’t expect koalas are all around on the ground, most of them are sleeping on top of the tree.

I was told that tourists are not allowed to handle, carry or touch koalas anymore.

hus, I was told it is illegal to hold a koala in Victoria but I’ve heard other states like Queensland and NSW are okay with it (we are unable to confirm the legality of NSW and Queensland for koala handling). In addition, handling koala might cause them stress and they could get aggressive.

I got really lucky as a few of them came down to the walk way. Hence, they were just a few feet away from me.  The guide told us we were lucky as usually they will stay on top of trees.

Moments later the koala crawled back to the trees. With its claws, slowly it climbed to the top of the tree again. The koala was at the walk away for a brief moment only.

Later on as we were leaving the boardwalk we spotted wallabies. At first I thought they are kangaroos but they weren’t. Wallabies are cousins to kangaroos and they are smaller in size. These are wild wallabies and they were roaming freely in the park. That is one of the uniqueness of Australia, wild animals roaming freely almost everywhere (except cities).

Let us share some hard facts about the centre below.

About the Koala Conservation Centre

Two elevated treetop boardwalks allow superb close viewing of wild koalas in six hectares of Australian bushland. The Centre plays host to an important koala breeding program which is a vital part of the Centre’s overall population management.

Originally established in 1991, the Centre is dedicated to koala research and conservation and has played a vital role in ensuring there is a protected koala population on Phillip Island.

The Koala Conservation Centre is also home to a host of Australian wildlife – swamp wallabies, nocturnal brushtail and ringtail possums, echidnas and over 80 species of birds.

Koala Conservation Centre Philip Island Prices, Booking and Contact:

Adults (16yrs+) A$10.80

Children (4-15yrs) A$5.40

Australian Pensioner (ID req) A$7.55

Family 2A+2C) A$27.00

Phone bookings: +61 3 5951 2800

Website: www.Penguins.org.au

Want to save more on ticket prices? Why don’t you get the 3 Parks Pass which includes Churchill Island and Penguin Parade!

3 Parks Pass Prices:

Family (2A+2C) A$92.10

Adult (16yrs+) A$36.85 (Save A$6.40)

Child (4-15yrs) A$18.40

(Aus. ID req) A$25.70

Things to know before you go:

* You must specify the date of your Penguin Parade visit. Entry only valid on that date.

* Entry to koalas and Churchill Island valid for six months from specified date.

* 10 to 20 minute drive between venues.

* Koalas and Churchill Island open 10am (Christmas Day – 2pm). Closing times vary.

* Penguins arrive at sunset.

* Pre-booked tickets required during summer and public holidays. Click below to book.

* Sorry! NO FILMING OR PHOTOGRAPHY at Penguin Parade.


We hope everyone enjoy their visit to the Koala Conversation Centre Philip Island. You can also read more about our travelogue on Visit Victoria by clicking the picture below.


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  1. Hi Wilson! 🙂

    I wish to visit Australia some day, it is one of my must visit place. And I like the Koala too, looking forward to see them personally one day.


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  3. Hi Hong,

    You can’t touch them, it’s illegal in Victoria. However you still can adore them from far.


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