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Smile Hotel Namba Osaka Review

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Smile Hotel Namba Osaka Review

If you are traveling to Osaka, Japan for the first like we did, you should read about this hotel, Smile Hotel Namba. It is no secret we booked our flight and hotel package via during their Matta Fair 2012 promotion late last year. We got ourselves an excellent deal of RM 1,600 (US$ 535) per person inclusive of return air flight tickets (AirAsiaX), hotel transfer both ways at Kansai International Airport and 4 nights stay at Smile Hotel Namba in Osaka. The package exclusive of add-ons such as baggage fees, insurance and meals on flight.

We reached the hotel at almost midnight and it took almost an hour to travel from Kansai International Airport to the hotel as Osaka is located quite far away from the airport.

The lobby staff speaks fluent English and that really helps for our first time experience in Japan. He gave us maps and information on Osaka and also tips we needed to travel around from the hotel.

Let’s talk about the room first. Japan is notorious for its hotel room sizes. Most travelers reviewed that hotel rooms in Japan is one size smaller than usual.

The room is relatively small but bigger than we expected. It is almost similar to the hotel rooms in Hong Kong so we had no problems with the capacity. It is a Queen Size bed but it was big enough for us.

Since we were there during winter, the lobby staff actually thought us to use the air conditioner as a heater. It was around 5 degree Celsius at night so without heater it could be quite suicidal.

There is a small LCD TV, mini fridge and a working desk beside the bed. Everything we need for in a hotel room.

Most of the TV channels are in Japanese and there is an option to purchase TV channels.

The bathroom is a cute one and it was small. Space is very limited and we got some knocks here and there. The bathroom is a box with a fiber glass material. The toilet bowl, bath tub and the water sink came in a box.Hence, the bathroom is made by National (Panasonic). It has a bidet toilet system which comes with a heated toilet seat and water function etc. It is very common in Japan and it was really handy. The water heater works fine but you will need to wait for a moment for the water to heat up. They have shampoo, conditioner and shower gel by Shiseido.

Breakfast in Smile Hotel differs than many hotels we visited in other countries. If you are expecting bacon, hot dog and hams, you won’t be getting any! Instead, they serve fresh breads, croissants, pastries, miso soup, congee (rice porridge), fresh salad, vegetables, coffee and tea.

We seen a lot of coffee machines but miso soup machine was our first. In short, the breakfast in the hotel was very healthy. Everyone cleaned up their trays and plates even though there was a waitress. Thus, that was one of the Japanese cultures that really enlightened us.

Internet WIFI is FREE at the lobby and they also provide a computer desktop for their guests. Internet is chargeable in the room. We usually go down to the lobby for the FREE internet usages.

The location of the hotel is excellent. There are quite a number of restaurants that opened beyond midnight and there is always an option for supper. We went to Sukiya, a popular chain restaurant similar to Yoshinoya for supper and it was blissful. Convenient stores like the Lawson Store (similar to 7-Eleven) is only 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Our friend usually stocked up the delicious Onigiri while I will stock up the bottle coffees.

The hotel is near Sakuragawa station (Subway Sennichi-mae Line or Hanshin Namba Line ). Hotel is located right by Exit 2 of Sakuragawa station (Hanshin Namba Line) and it is interconnected to the Subway line. It is just one station away to shopping haven Namba (Namba Station) and also Shinsaibashi (Shinsaibashi Station). The names might sound weird to you but you will get used it when you are in Osaka.

Four nights at Smile Hotel Namba and we enjoyed it. We had great sleep every night and the room was clean.  Although the bathroom could be little small for us but overall the hotel is worth recommending. We will definitely stay there again if we travel to Osaka Japan.

Smile Hotel Namba Address, Details, Contact and Map:

3-3-9, Saiwai-cho, Naniwa-ku, Osaka city, Osaka 556-0021, Japan

Tel: 06-6561-1155 / 06-6561-2255

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8 thoughts on “Smile Hotel Namba Osaka Review

  1. Wow~ Quite a deal you got yourself during Matta Fair Last year. 🙂 Thank you for directing us to the hotel. 🙂

    A nice and cozy hotel to live in.

    p/s : Yea~ You should come to Sabah and experience the nature here too!

  2. Hi,

    Yes, we ventured around for the best deal and this was the right one. Matta Fair 2012 March is coming soon, you might consider of going there!


  3. Hi Meitzeu,

    Knowing you, I hope that you will find time to travel to Japan this year.

    And for Sabah, I might be coming with a media trip this year. I am not sure with the plans but there are plans.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  4. That is not just a great deal, it’s an AMAZING deal! 🙂

    Return tickets and hotel for that duration in Japan. I’ve gotta find myself a deal like that and finally head over.

    A miso soup machine…now that’ll be something quite interesting to drink during winter.

  5. Hello,

    I’m curious. I’ll be traveling to Osaka via AirAsiaX soon as well. Hope you don’t mind a questions: Did you have to call up the airport transfer agent before you arrived?

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