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Ipoh Best Tau Fu Fah and Soy Bean Drink Funny Mountain

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Ipoh Best Tau Fu Fah and Soy Bean Drink Funny Mountain

We all know Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Melaka are champions for street food. The Ipoh city the capital of Malaysian state Perak had started to pick up the pace chasing the pack discreetly for the past few years. Ipoh city is no longer the same as it used to be as traffic jam is a daily affair and also having a long queue to Ipoh Best Tau Fu Fah and Soy Bean Drink at Funny Mountain is another common task.
I have been to Funny Mountain a few times before and every time I forgot to ask why it is named like that. I didn’t find the little shop funny or in the mountain.

As the Beansprout (taugeh) Chicken championed in Ipoh, Funny Mountain slowly build up their reputation as the best tau fu fah and soy bean drink place.
Located at Jalan Theatre near the infamous Lou Wong Chicken Rice Shop, you can see cars queuing up for their favourite food.  They start from 10.30am and they will close when they ran out of their food.
I was nearby at Lou Wong for the beansprout chicken and walked to Funny Mountain for my favourite tau fu fah. Fair enough, it wasn’t packed during weekdays.
For RM 0.90 for a bowl of tau fu fah wasn’t pricey at all. Considering how smooth the texture of the soya bean curd.
When you had it with the sugar syrup, one bowl will be never enough.

After two bowls of tau fu far, I ordered half dozen of ice cold bottled soya bean drink (RM 1.90 for each bottle). Sharing is caring as I packed the soya bean drinks for my colleagues and clients and they loved it. The soya bean drink was thick in flavour and not too sweet. It is hard to find good tau fu fah and soya bean drinks in Kuala Lumpur anymore.

Funny Mountain or not, I had the Ipoh best tau fu fah and soy bean drink. No complaints but compliments. This will be my favourite pit stop in Ipoh.


Funny Mountain Soybean & Traditional Tau Fu Fah Address, Tel, Contact and Map:

49, Jalan Theatre,

30300 Ipoh, Perak.

Tel No : 016 595 0369, 05 546 9968, 012 516 1607

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