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Maya Bay at Koh Phi Phi Ley

Have you watch the movie “The Beach”? The movie starred by Leonardo DiCaprio who acted “Titanic” and “Inception”. Yes, part of the beautiful scenery was actually shot in Maya Baya at Koh Phi Phi Ley (Phi Phi Ley Island) near Phuket and Krabi, Thailand.

maya beach phuket picture

Late last year, I was in Krabi Thailand with my family and friends from America. It was my first time visiting Maya Bay and it was part of the Koh Phi Phi Island Tour.

In general, there are three popular island hopping excursions. They are the Unseen Thailand Four Island Tour, Hong Island Tour and Koh Phi Phi Island Tour.

We joined the Koh Phi Phi Island Tour which took us to a few places including Maya at Koh Phi Phi Ley. We reached Maya Bay before noon and they gave us an hour to spend.
maya bay1
There is something you need to know about the colour of the sea in this part of Thailand. It is usually in turquoise colour.

maya bay2
Hence, the sea water is usually crystal clear especially near the beach area.
maya bay4
Well, there wasn’t any Leonardo DiCaprio in Maya Bay instead we were treated with magnificent view with smooth sand beach.
maya bay3
There are theories that say that the tsunami actually cleaned up the area of Maya Bay. Yes, Maya Bay was hit by enormous tsunami in 2004.

maya bay9
Regardless, it remains clean and beautiful and flooded by tourists from around the world.
maya bay11
There are dozens of tourists lining up on the beach sun tanning. If one hour is not enough, you can always ask the tour groups for special tours to Maya Bay only rather than island hopping tour.
maya bay6
We did not go for sun tanning but instead we had some fun chatting and fooling around the beach.
maya bay7
There is a small shop selling cold drinks if you can find it (it is near the toilets). Sitting down and sipping a cold can drink or cold coconut is something that we loved to do.

You can book the tours in Aonang or you can always check at your hotel’s front desk. They provide hotel transfer services to jetty and return.

maya bay10

Sun, beach and sea, we have no complains!
maya bay8
After Maya Bay, we went continue our island hopping tour. Please take note Maya Bay is only one of the destinations of the excursion. We will blog on the rest soon. We don’t mind going to Krabi again, we just love the sea, the islands, the beaches and the sun. Amazing Thailand!

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