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Japanese Buffet in Kampachi Equatorial Penang

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Japanese Buffet in Kampachi Equatorial Penang

Penang is famous for its tentalising street food and it ranks the top among the best in the world. In our recent trip to Penang, we stayed in Equatorial Hotel Penang, a five star hotel located at the quieter side of the island, Bayan Lepas.

In the hotel, there is a very popular Japanese restaurant. It is called Kampachi. Considered as one of the best Japanese restaurant on the island, Kampachi offers Japanese buffet dinner on weekends only. Hence, it is usually fully booked so we went there to find out why.
Japanese Buffet in Kampachi Equatorial Penang

Japanese chef preparing the food for guests in Kampachi. 
Located at the lower ground of the hotel, Kampachi offers a cozy Japanese dining experience. With dedicated rooms, the restaurant offers grill section, sushi section, tempura section, cooked section and dessert section.

Firstly we visit the sushi and the sashimi section. The sashimi section has fresh seafood such as salmon, tuna fish, butter fish and cuttlefish.
Japanese Buffet in Kampachi Equatorial Penang
Chef Cheah was seen here arranging the well-cut sashimi.

kampachi penang 7
The sushi section offers more than eight varieties of freshly made sushi. We are spoilt with choices here indefinitely.
Japanese Buffet in Kampachi Equatorial Penang

Chef deep frying “ebi tempura” or prawn tempura.
The tempura and grilled section offers a variety of tempura foods, grilled foods as well as sukiyaki! While the tempura prawns often ran out in many other Japanese buffet outlets, it is not a problem in Kampachi. The offer almost endless supplies of deep fried tempura prawns.
Japanese Buffet in Kampachi Equatorial Penang

Beef sukiyaki in grill section of Kampachi.
If you fancy sukiyaki, they offer beef and chicken sukiyaki.

The grilled section is one of the highlights of Kampachi. Mostly seafood, they offer grilled prawns, mussels and crawfish or “mini lobsters”. The “mini lobsters” are the hot favourites among the patrons.
Japanese Buffet in Kampachi Equatorial Penang
The cooked section has a noodle station with Japanese noodles such as soba and udon. You can also pick and choose condiments depending on your choices.

Japanese Buffet in Kampachi Equatorial Penang

Fresh oysters and fresh prawns.

kampachi penang 5

Tantalizing teriyaki chicken.

Japanese Buffet in Kampachi Equatorial Penang

Dorayakis are freshly made in dessert section of Kampachi.
Lastly, the other highlights of Kampachi will be the dessert section. They have dorayaki with two flavours of peanut butter and red bean fillings. If you never heard of dorayaki, it is the Japanese pancake that is made popular by Japanese cartoon Doraemon.
kampachi penang 10
If you fancy chocolate, they offer chocolate fondue. There are choices of marshmallows and fruits for the chocolate fondue.

Japanese Buffet

Pudding in dessert section.

Japanese Buffet in Kampachi Equatorial Penang
There are also desserts such as cakes, puddings and ice creams. For desserts, we are spoilt for choices.
Kampachi Equatorial Penang
Quiet and cozy ambience, quality and varieties of food available, no wonder Kampachi remains a top favourite of the locals for Japanese buffet. Remember, Kampachi offers Japanese buffet during weekend and it is usually fully booked. Please do book in advance to avoid disappointment.


Kampachi HOTEL EQUATORIAL PENANG Address, Tel and Contact:

1 Jalan Bukit Jambul

Bayan Lepas

11900 Penang


Tel: +60 4 632 7000

Fax: +60 4 632 7100

Email: [email protected]



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