June 22, 2024


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The Other Side of Bondi Beach

We heard so much about Bondi Beach in Sydney. One of the most popular beaches in Australia, Bondi Beach attracts thousands or probably millions of visitors annually. We have been to Bondi a few times during our holiday and our stay in Sydney and we always forgot and missed the other side of Bondi.

bondi beach 2

Bondi Beach captured with panoramic function with Samsung NX-11.


bondi beach 1

The usual scenery in Bondi Beach, bikinis and surfboards.


You might notice it in Bondi Rescue, a TV Reality Series on events happening in Bondi Beach. What I’m talking about is the Graffiti Walls of Bondi. Graffiti walls are very popular in Australia especially in the valleys of cities like Sydney and Melbourne. I didn’t remember seeing them ten years ago or probably I missed it too like many other tourists.
bondi beach 3


It is beautifully painted on the walls facing the beach and many would prefer to take pictures of the beach instead of it. The wall of graffiti adds colour to the landscape.
bondi beach 4

I ditt ansikte? I wonder what that means?


I am not going to explain much about this graffiti walls but to present a series of pictures taken with my Samsung NX-11 Camera with standard kit lens. I hope you enjoy the pictures.
bondi beach 5

A Chinese inspired art, the dragon.


bondi beach 6

I like this one even though the sun looks like the “sun of the empire of japan”.


bondi beach 7

This looks very hawaii to me with rainbow and hibiscus flowers.


bondi beach 8

A great wall for Anzac!

bondi beach 9

More futuristic graffiti paintings.

bondi beach 10

Look how the artistic incorporated their art with the windows.

bondi beach 11

bondi beach 12

On top of the sceneries, beach, bikinis and sun tans, the graffiti walls are part of the other side of Bondi. Bondi Beach is a must visit place in Sydney. If you have not been to Bondi, you are not in Sydney yet.

Happy weekend and thank you for reading this short story.


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