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Miraku at Paradigm Mall

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Miraku at Paradigm Mall

I have not been a regular shopper at this brand new shopping mall, Paradigm Mall but I heard there is a new Japanese restaurant there. The brand new outlet is located at Ground Floor Boulevard of Paradigm Mall, outside of Starbucks Coffee. You have to exit at the door on the left of Starbucks and turn left and walk till the end and you will see Miraku on your left.
miraku front

Miraku restaurant, photo credits to dianababe.com/
There have been raving reviews on this restaurant. I was there for an invited review as tagged by MHB (Malaysia Hottest Bloggers) Group. The MHB is all female bloggers group and you can visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/myhotbloggers

For those who have been following our blog, we don’t practise favourism in reviewing any particular restaurants that we are invited for the review. Hence, we have a good mixture of invited or paid food reviews on our blog.
miraku restaurant

Comfortable and cozy setting in the restaurant.

Miraku, simply means a great place for customers to enjoy great food. It is a fine dining restaurant designed to provide the art of Japanese dining to those who desire to experience gourmet food.

Established under the Texchem Group of Companies, Miraku aims to bring the best of Japanese culinary to Malaysia. Miraku also aspires to deliver the essence of Japanese cooking which places top priority in the selection of quality and fresh produce.
Miraku tatami room

Tatami room in Miraku.

Armed with the best and experienced chefs directly brought in from Japan, Miraku is marked to satisfy any food connoisseur’s taste buds. On top of it, our exceptionally professional and personalized service will make dining in Miraku an unforgettable experience.
miraku mynn

Me and Emma Soh and Red Fm DJ Mynn Lee.

Its first outlet is situated in the G Hotel, Gurney Penang with a total land area of 4568.53 square feet which can accommodate an approximately 130 customers at one time. Miraku in Paradigm mall can accommodate an approximately 150 customer at one time.
miraku starter
There were more than fifteen of us altogether and they were female bloggers except me and Huai Bin of Sixth Seal. We started off with Zensai or appetizer. The appetizer was consists of wild vegetables, long beans and seaweed. It was a mixture of flavours, wild vegetables were salty based while the seaweed was sour based. It was a unique combination indeed.
miraku chef at work
Sashimi Moriawase “Take” (3-4 pax) RM 140 was next. The chef was in action placing the sashimi on the platter.

miraku sashim platter
Miraku Japanese restaurant offers air flown sashimi from Japan on every Tuesday and Friday so we expect high quality sashimi from them. Sashimi is best taken with soy sauce and wasabi. Miraku offers real wasabi for its patrons.


miraku jikasei tofu 2

Jikasei Tofu was priced at RM 16.00. This was a cold dish and Jikasei Tofu tasted similar to cold “tau fu far” (beancurd). Even though the outer layer looked smooth, I find that the texture of the tofu was slightly rough.


miraku salmon salad


Miraku Salad was priced at RM 28 (S). Miraku salad was one of the three featured salads. Miraku salad was topped with salmon fish, octopus and crab sticks.

miraku egg salad
Ontama Salmon Salad  was priced at RM 15 (S). Interesting salad topped with crispy fried salmon skin, poached egg and crispy fried “mee hoon”. It was my first seeing such salad.


miraku soba salad

Soba Salad was priced at RM 13 (S). I’m not a big fan of soba, a popular Japanese buckwheat flour noodle so I didn’t fancy this one. The girls loved this so it should be good.
miraku wagyu
Wagyu Tataki was priced at RM 69.90. I am a big lover of Kobe or Wagyu beef. I travelled to Kobe earlier this year just for taste of the heavenly beef. Tataki preparation means the meat should be briefly pan fried. I’m not sure how to put on layman terms, probably medium rare? I am not sure what is the grade of Wagyu used for this but there were not much marble texture. The beef was topped with spring onions, fried shallots and sesame. I loved this.

miraku karei karage
Karei Kara-Age was priced at RM 23. Karei Kara-Age is deboned fried fish. Some argued that it wasn’t crispy enough but I thought it was quite crispy. If it was crispier, it might be too dry. Sprinkled the lemon on top of the fish and dipped with the sauce, it would taste just fine and it came with hints of spiciness.


miraku potato

Agedashi Potato was priced at RM 20. The soft potato was mashed together with prawn and flooded with enoki mushroom, seaweed and topped with ginger. To be frank, the taste was unique to me, didn’t really like it.


miraku soup


Dobin Mushi was priced at RM 18. It was weird that the soup came at this time. It could be better if it was served during as the first or second dish. Anyhow, it was an interesting soup to mention. A glanced inside the soup revealed prawn, mushroom and chicken. It was flavourful, like I said more to an appetizer for me.


miraku sanma shioyaki

Sanma Shioyaki was next. It was a grilled soft long fish. It has a similar taste with mackerel with almost an identical meat texture. It went well with the sauce.
miraku yaki kaki piri kara miso
Then, it was the Yaki Kaki PiriKara Miso for RM 26. Two different servings of oysters, one baked with cheese and one cooked with bean sauce. The cheese version is similar to other cheese baked oysters but less cheesy while the other one was strongly flavoured with bean sauce with hints of chili. This taste similar with the bean sauce stir fried la-la.
miraku sushi

Sushi Moriawase Sakura (20pcs)

miraku sushi platter

Sushi Moriawase Sakura (20pcs) was priced at RM 86. A combination of 20 pieces of fresh sushi, missing one notable the unagi sushi. However, like I mentioned twice a week flown seafood maintained the flavour and the freshness of it.
miraku dragon roll
Dragon roll was priced at RM 33. This is Rachel’s favourite. This sushi has a deep fried prawn inside and topped with slices of avocados and glazed with mayonnaise and topped with fish roe. It was soft on the outer layer with crispiness of the inner layer of the deep fried prawn. This is addictive.

It wasn’t long that we realized desserts were next. We had more than 10 dishes already and time to end it with three unique desserts.
miraku annin tofu
Annin Tofu was the first dessert and priced at RM 8. No offense but this annin tofu had the same texture with the previous tofu and this was sunk with almond sauce. The issue with the almond sauce is it is either you like or you hate it since it has a distinctive aroma.
miraku sweet cheese tofu
Sweet Cheese Tofu was priced at RM 10. The sweet cheese tofu was a combination of mixture of soft cheese and tofu. It has taste of both sides of the world.
miraku wasabi ice cream
Lastly we had the Wasabi Ice Cream at RM 10. Well, ice cream is usually sweet and having wasabi bits in the ice cream means it has the hotness of the wasabi. It taste slightly weird for me but for wasabi lovers, you are going to so dig this.
miraku group photo

The Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers!
After more than fifteen dishes of Japanese food, I must say overall the dining experience at Miraku Japanese restaurant was pleasant. Let me picked some of my favourites. They were the Wagyu Tataki, Yaki Kaki PiriKara Miso and also the Dragon Roll. Not forgetting also the warm sake that I had for all night long. With Japanese chef at helm with also a Japanese owner, Miraku Japanese restaurant offers quality and unique Japanese food for its customers. Miraku Japanese Restaurant offers NON-PORK Japanese cuisine.

Miraku at Paradigm Mall Address, Contact and Tel:

GB02,  Ground Floor, Paradigm Mall

No 1, Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya

47301 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-78869931

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.miraku-restaurant.com

Operating hours:

Monday to Thurs: 11.30 am to 3pm, 6pm to 8.30pm

Friday to Sunday: 12 pm to 11 pm




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  1. You forgot to mention that the cheese tofu looks like a boob! 😛 (FYI that’s clean language k?)
    I think we spent more time laughing and chattering away that night. It was fun!

    1. Hi Kelly,

      We had too much sake that night. It was an enjoyable thanks to you and Louise. Yes we had the loudest section of the restaurant.


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