February 5, 2023

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Cocoa Boutique Matic, Kuala Lumpur

I remember growing up learning Malaysia is a cocoa producer. In recent years, cocoa plantation might not as popular as palm oil plantation but there are a few emerging local chocolate companies in Malaysia and Cocoa Chocolate Boutique is one of them.

I am lucky enough to visit a few chocolate factories (outlets) in Australia and learnt more about chocolates. However, you need to travel far now as there are a few outlets in Malaysia. They are local Malaysian owned Cocoa Boutique. They have a few outlets in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Genting.

Cocoa Boutique Matic.

I was invited to visit their outlet in Malaysia Tourism Center (MATIC). It is ideally located for tourists who are looking for information on tourist information of Malaysia in MATIC. With the backdrop of KLCC and KL Tower, this was my first visit to a Chocolate Gallery in Malaysia despite staying here for decades.

Introductions to Chocolates 101 at Cocoa Boutique Matic.

The Cocoa Boutique was packed with visitors. Coincidently I bumped to bus load tourists from Vietnam, Hong Kong and Indonesia. They were given a simple introduction of cocoa and chocolate in respective languages. I was impressed by the multilingual staffs of Cocoa Boutique.

There were exhibits of chocolate products of different shapes and sizes. The most notable one was the sculpture of the twin dragons.

Every visitor will be given free samples before entering the chocolate boutique. It was their commitment to let the customers to taste before they buy. Like I mentioned, most of their staffs were bilingual and very friendly.

The chocolates available in Cocoa Boutique were unique and creative. You can purchase the usual chocolates of milk, white or dark chocolates but if you want something with Malaysian touch, this is the right place to go.

Malaysia is a popular as one of the top exporter of fruits and Cocoa Boutique combined them into chocolates. Fruits chocolates are top sellers in Cocoa Boutique and they had wide range of fruits chocolates such as Papaya Chocolates, Mango Chocolates and Durian Chocolates.

Looking at the fillings of the durian chocolate.

Durian Chocolates were simply amazing. It was an inventive idea of infusing king of fruits into chocolates. Of course, I tried the durian chocolates and they were scrumptious. If you are looking for a truly Malaysian gift for your friends overseas, this is the perfect gift.

Malaysian spices are one of the best in the world and we are popular for our curry, ginger, chilli and most notable Tongkat Ali. Having them in chocolates is truly an eye opener. These are truly Malaysia local products.

Cocoa Boutique produces brands such as Harriston, Vezzo and Vezzo Gold. Every different brand caters a different range of products and segmented for different markets.

Hence, you can also custom made your chocolates with Cocoa Boutique. You can have special sizes or special messages on the chocolates, ideally for wedding, functions and events. Please contact them and book with them in advance.

Cocoa Boutique Malaysia has attracted tourists from over 80 countries around the world. In line with the Ministry of Tourism’s vision of promoting Malaysia’s local tourism products, Cocoa Boutique’s five outlets in Malaysia have welcomed about 4 million visitors and the numbers are increasing by the day.


With over 300 varieties of fine chocolates, a sweet experience awaits chocolate lovers who patronize Cocoa Boutique or Chocolate Gallery Malaysia as the outlets’ friendly and cheerful multi-lingual sales representatives will enlighten them on the historical origins of cocoa beans and the intricate art of producing fine chocolates.


Special hand-made chocolates with natural tropical fruit fillings and artisanal continental delicacies like tiramisu, bitter-sweet and sugar-free variants will leave discerning chocoholics quite spoilt for choice. Cocoa Boutique and Chocolate Gallery products make ideal gifts for loved ones in celebration of all occasions, as tasty corporate gifts or simply for self indulgence.

Visiting Cocoa Boutique Matic Kuala Lumpur.

If you are looking for special gifts of Malaysia, you can look for Cocoa Boutique outlets and galleries. Surprised your overseas friends now with Chilli chocolates and Durian Chocolates.


Cocoa Boutique Matic, Kuala Lumpur Address, Contact and Tel:

Saloma Shopping Alley,

139 Jalan Ampang,

50450 Kuala Lumpur,


Contact No.: +603 – 2162 2008 / +603 – 2162 4008

Fax No.: +603 – 2164 2008


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  1. Chocolate heaven and really nice.All of you should try Durian Chocolate and Sesame.Really marvelous and you can feel it once melting.

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