June 3, 2023

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How to find good restaurants in Dotonbori Osaka?

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How to find good restaurants in Dotonbori Osaka?

Dotonbori is located in the city of Osaka and one of the most important places to visit. It is just a single street alongside the Dotobori canal between Dotonborisbashi Bridge and Nipponbashi Bridge in the Namba district of Osaka. It was said that this was a former pleasure district famous for its historic theatres but those theatres are all gone now.

Now, Dotonbori is popular for it flashy and colourful neon signs. Hence, Dotonbori is also now a popular spot for food as there are more than dozens of restaurants and cafes there.

The question when we travelled there was how to find good restaurants? There were so many restaurants and cafes in Japanese and we found it hard to find the right one. Instead, we were mesmerized by the bright and colourful lights and I had the similar experience when I travelled to Times Square New York a few years ago.

While showered by the beautiful lights, we found Gourmet Map, an information office in restaurant. We were greeted by a Japanese gentleman outside of the office. His name was Masaki and he can speak and converse in simple English. In the Gourmet Map office, there were dozens of maps and information on restaurants in Dotonbori.

The best part was Masaki will recommend restaurants based on our liking, budget and location. He would call the restaurant to book the place and let us know whether the restaurant was packed or not. We were not that lucky as the restaurant we wanted to dine was packed and the availability was one and half hour later. During that free time, we walked to Den Den Town which was minutes away.

We went back to Gourmet Map after our visit to Den Den Town and Masaki offered to bring us to the restaurant. He worried that we might get lost. We went to Yakiniku Rokko for BBQ buffet.

Another advantage of booking with Gourmet Map was we got complimentary sake! It was a partnership in between the restaurants and Gourmet Map so customers enjoyed more benefits and freebies!

So if you want to find a good restaurant in Dotonbori Osaka, go and look for Gourmet Map office. It is located along the Dotonbori Street. We have included his card below and good luck!

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