March 24, 2023

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Samsung NX-20 1/8000 Fast Shutter Speed

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Samsung NX-20 1/8000 Fast Shutter Speed

There are dozens of digital cameras available in the market now. Which is the best brand I was asked a few days ago? I answered with another simple question, what is the purpose of the camera? He kept quiet.

There are many types of digital cameras in the market. Most of them are smartly categorized for different segmented market and purposes.

I always know what I want. A small camera with the functions and quality of DSLR and easy to travel with and it must be “smart”. Luckily enough, Samsung Malaysia rewarded me with the best in that category and range, the Samsung Smart Camera NX-20.

While everyone tries to outdo each other with new functions and qualities, I am happy for what I have now. Some argued that the brand is not strong enough but who is taking the pictures? The person or the brand itself?

This is taken using a slow shuttle speed with tripod. The shuttle speed for this is 8 seconds so it was long enough to capture the motion and the lights. 

I might not have put the Samsung NX-20 to the real test as what I did with Samsung NX-11 but this camera has outperformed the latter in each and single functions.

When you captured a picture with a shuttle speed of 1/8000, you can see the water action in super slow motion like this. Can you see the water droplets?

One of the highlights is the shuttle speed. Shuttle speed is important to take pictures of movements. It could be a car or it could even waterfall, shuttle speed plays an important role in capturing those lovely moments.

If you have the camera is set back to a slow shuttle speed, this is how it looks like. In fact this was how fast the water was moving. Compare the fast and slow shuttle speed settings. 

There will be more reviews on the features of Samsung NX-20 next week, stay tuned.


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