June 1, 2023

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Panny’s Chocolate Factory, Philip Island

While thousands visit Philip Island for the Penguin Walk, there are also other attractions that are worth to visit. One of them is Panny’s Chocolate Factory, Philip Island. The factory is located at the main road of Philip Island Road, it is impossible you will missed this structure if you plan to drive to the Penguin Walk.

Philip Island Chocolate Factory

I did surprise me when I heard about this chocolate factory. That’s why it was a wise decision to stay a night on Philip Island. There are plenty things to do on Philip Island. You just need time to explore this beautiful island.

There are many chocolate factories in Australia but there is only one in Philip Island. Visiting the chocolate factory at Panny’s is FREE of charge and they are not like the other conventional chocolate boutiques and factories.

A portrait created by using chocolates, how cool was that!

Philip Island Chocolate Factory use only the finest ingredients and Belgium chocolate in creating their chocolates. Display areas allowed visitors to see chocolates being hand made the old fashion way using recipes handed over down the years.


Look at the big block of chocolate, I don’t it is good enough to feed a village.



A beautiful sculpture made of completely chocolate.


Miniature town made of chocolate. This “LEGO” size town is very detailed and I cannot imagine how long they need to put all together.


Chocolate making live! Don’t you just love their job?

400 kg of Chocolate drop! The world largest chocolate waterfall.

It is fun to visit this place as there are many interactive mini games such as the chocolate making machines as well as chocolate maze and other games. I have the opportunities to make my own chocolate with my customize flavours (there are four flavours to choose from). Thus, within minutes the machine will make the chocolate bar based on your choices. This is the real life Willy Wonka chocolate factory!

This is real life version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. You can create four different types of chocolates using this chocolate machine. You have to pull the leveller to make your own chocolate.

My own creation of chocolate using the chocolate machine.

I was lucky enough to meet up with Panny the owner of Panny’s Chocolate Factory, Philip Island. Thus, Panny who is originated from Malaysia and he has a vast experience in cocoa industry. It took him decades to have the courage to create his own chocolate factory in Australia after working in various cocoa plantations. With the help from the locals, Panny created his dream which is his own chocolate factory. You can sense there are heaps of love and passion in this factory.

If you have never visited a chocolate factory, you might visit Panny’s Chocolate Factory at Philip Island. You can spend at least an hour or two in this factory. Since they have interactive games, you might need to hands on in making your own chocolates. Panny’s Chocolate Factory, Philip Island is an ideal place for family and friends and also some savoury chocolates as souvenirs. For more info, visit their website at Phillipislandchocolatefactory.com.au


Panny’s Chocolate Factory, Philip Island Address and Contact:

930 Phillip Island Rd

Newhaven VIC 3925

Tel: (03) 5956 6600

Fax: (03) 5956 6823

Website: www.phillipislandchocolatefactory.com.au


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  1. Ummmm, my mouth is watering. I’m glad I have a sister-in-law that lives nearby and I can have her send me some. Thanks for your blog.

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