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Virgin Mary in Church of Our Lady Lourdes Klang

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Virgin Mary in Church of Our Lady Lourdes Klang

I’ve learnt that there are many religious theme tours available in the market now. Some of the popular religious theme tours include Sri Lanka and India Buddhist tours. Some Malaysians prefer to travel to Bangkok to pray at the Erawan Shrine annually while some while drove up to Hatyai to visit some of the popular Buddhist temples.

So what’s new in Selangor Malaysia? A few weeks ago, a phenomenon happened in Subang Jaya. A mysterious figure appeared on the window panel of Sime Darby Medical Centre. It was claimed as the picture of Virgin Mary and it created a lot of curiosity. I was one of them. Thousands of people went to the hospital to take a glimpse of this unexplained image on the window panel. As the crowd grew bigger by each single day, a deal was struck with the Church of Our Lady Lourdes and the medical centre. The window panels were professionally removed and allocated at the chapel behind the Church of Our Lady Lourdes. It was for the best interest of both parties.
Church of Our Lady Lourdes Klang
Did the frenzy stop? Apparently, it is not. I visited the church in Klang a few days ago and yet again hundreds of people visited the church to take a glimpsed of the window panels.

The church is located beside the Convent School Klang and easily accessible via the Federal Highway.

It wasn’t my lucky day. I parked my car far from the church. Judging by the cars, there were hundreds of worshippers in the church for the Sunday mass.
Church of Our Lady Lourdes Klang chapel
I walked straight to the chapel that is located right behind the church. As I walked in, there were already dozens of people praying and snapping pictures of the panel.

The video of the panels inside the chapel.

Church of Our Lady Lourdes Klang virgin mary
The panel is now well taken care of and no longer in risk damaged by the weather. I noticed they assigned a person in the chapel at all times.
virgin mary in klang church
If you plan to visit the church please park properly and not illegally along the road trunk. The church itself is worth a visit. It is a Gothic style building inspired by the churches in Lourdes France.

Viewing hours: 7am – 10pm daily

Church of Our Lady Lourdes Klang Address, Tel, Contact and Map:

No. 114, Jalan Tengku Kelana, 41000, Klang, Selangor  41000



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