March 24, 2023

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Crumpler, North Face, Samsonite Bags in Hanoi

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Crumpler, North Face, Samsonite Bags in Hanoi

We knew that some of the bags manufacturers have their factories in Vietnam. Some of the most recognized brands are like Samsonite and Crumpler. During our trip to Hanoi, we bumped to stalls selling these bags with prices way cheaper than the original.


The beautiful Ho Guom lake in Hoan Kiem.
Most of these stalls are ideally located around the Ho Guom Lake at the Old Quarters or better known as Hoan Kiem.

Where to find  Crumpler, North Face, Samsonite Bags in Hanoi?


One of the stalls located around the Ho Guom Lake.
You can find most of them at the Din Tien Hoang Road (I have attached the map below). They are individual stalls and they are not persuasive sellers probably they are targeting Westerners than Asians. The stalls are facing Ho Guom Lake and near the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre.

Example of the bags the stalls carry in Hanoi.
The brands available for sale include Crumpler, North Face, Samsonite and other International brands. The asking price was quite reasonable ranging from US$15 and above depending on sizes and shapes. Of course, you can always try to negotiate the prices with them.

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre at Din Tien Hoang Road, a popular tourist hotspot for tourists.
Some of the bags look original to me but Rachel stopped me from buying. Since we were there for a few days, I thought of buying the bag on our second last day. After leaving the stalls, we went to a restaurant nearby and the waitress told me they are fakes. The stall owners told us those are originals from the factory but the locals told us those are fakes. For a Crumpler backpack that only cost US$15 and above, do you think it’s original or fake? We can’t tell because we are not expert on it. What we can offer is more stories on places of interest in Hanoi and also restaurant reviews in Hanoi. The map of the stall is below:

View Crumpler, North Face, Samsonite Bags in Hanoi in a larger map

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