June 16, 2024


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Genting Adrenalin Junkie Challenge 2012

A fortnight ago, I was invited to join the Genting Adrenalin Junkie Challenge 2012. I wasn’t sure why they chose me since the chances of me winning was definitely slim given. Rachel wasn’t free so I partnered with Lionel of DustyHawk.net. Together we faced stiff competition from contestants from Malaysia and Singapore.
We were chauffeured to Genting Highlands International Conventional Center in the early hours of the weekend. We were grouped together, briefed and ready for the challenge.
They planned the whole challenge will take two hours and we finished it almost three hours while quite a number of them still completing the challenges in the Genting Theme Park. Even though we didn’t win anything at the end of the day but we enjoyed the fun, the endurance and the teamwork. We went through almost all the rides in the Genting Indoor and Outdoor Theme Park. Some of the highlights include indulging ice cream in Snow World, counting stars on the Twisters as well remembering the names and pictures for the Sorrento Shot.
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Team Malaysia of Mai and her partner won the overall challenge.
At the end of the day, we met new friends from both locally and Singapore. The event ended with an International Buffet for both the competitors and the staffs involved. I would like to personally thank Genting Malaysia for inviting us to join this highly adrenalin challenge. It was a well organised event.

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