March 25, 2023

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Papa Malloy Burger in Puncak Jalil

I always enjoy the excitement of food hunting. It makes it better when a friend decided to do it with you. I heard about a popular burger stall in Puncak Jalil some time ago and I decided to search for it. There are two famous burger stalls in Puncak Jalil, Rawang Burger Bakar and Papa Malloy Burger. Unfortunately, Rawang Burger Bakar is currently closed until further notice (after I gave them a call) but I still manage to track down Papa Malloy Burger. Trust me it is hard to find good food in Puncak Jalil.

The stall is located in front of Speedmart 88 at Jalan Puj 3/9, Tmn Puncak Jalil, Bdr Putra Permai. They only opened on weekday evenings from 7pm to midnight and they opened at Speed City Kl on Saturdays 6pm to midnight, Sunday is their rest day.

Their burgers menu with price list.
The stall is managed by a few friends and had a little chat with them. Of course they didn’t know that I am a blogger so there won’t be any consistency issue with others.

Don’t you just love those meat patties!
I ordered their best burger, the 200gram beef patty full set. Apparently the full set came with additional beef salami, beef bacon and mozzarella cheese. Luck was not with me as they ran out of stock with the beef bacon strips. The full set is RM 12.70.

I also ordered their chicken burger which 150gram of chicken patty.  The full set is RM 9.70 with additional beef salami, bacon and cheese.

The beef and chicken patties are homemade as I was told. It was not as packed as I thought probably because of the rain.

Enjoy the video.
The interesting thing about this place is the usage of mozzarella cheese. Most of the burger stalls use cheddar cheese slices. Some of my Aussie friends said cheese slices taste like rubber and I should not comment on that. They grilled the mozzarella cheese and put it on top of the patty. Trust me the burger looks handsome with those mozzarella.

What’s verdict?

Papa Malloy 150 gram Chicken burger set
Papa Malloy 150 gram Chicken burger set (missing beef bacon) was better than most burgers. However the chicken patty was slightly dry and it could be better with the beef bacon. The beef salami was tasty and overall it was good. The serving was quite generous.


Papa Malloy 200 gram beef burger set


Papa Malloy 200 gram beef burger set (missing beef bacon) was better than the chicken burger. Beef patty was still slightly dry and it was screaming for the beef bacon. The seasoning and the black pepper sauce didn’t kill off the beef taste but it lacked the greasiness that I fancy.

Luisa decided to join me for the burger hunt, no regrets!
If I would throw a few pork bacons into the burgers, they will be spectacular. However, even without the beef bacon, the Papa Malloy burgers were still impressive. If you noticed, there were no eggs for their signature burgers. To be frank they were better without the eggs. Great find and highly recommended.

Papa Malloy Burger in Puncak Jalil Address, Tel, Contact and Map:

Jalan PUJ 3/9, Taman Puncak Jalil, 43300 Seri Kembangan

Tel: 012 6072902 ( Malloy ) 017 316 4373 ( Mat ) 010 7013229 ( Faroq )


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  1. hi, rawang burger bakar are back for operation.. come and taste our charcoil grill burger. tq..

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