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Starbucks in Nanning China

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Starbucks in Nanning China

Air Asia recently opened a new route to Nanning China. Taking the opportunity of the promo fare, we visited the capital of Guangxi, the city of Nanning. The city is located at the Southeast of China near the border of Vietnam and hours to many tourist attractions namely the infamous Guilin.
starbucks wanda nanning

starbucks wanda nanning shop
You can’t missed this! Starbucks in Nanning.

There is one thing you must know in China, coffee is not popular. That’s why we wrote about Starbucks in Nanning. There is one in Chao Yang Road in Wanda Plaza. It is located at the same row of KFC facing the Wal-Mart building.

It is at the cross junction of Wanda Plaza and Wanda International Cinema. You can find Imax theatre in Wanda International Cinema.

starbucks tumblers snake
Chinese New Year themed Starbucks tumblers.

Well, now who said Chinese didn’t like coffee. You will be surprised that how packed is the Starbucks. Probably it is the one and only Starbucks in Nanning.

starbucks wanda chinese new year mugs
Chinese New Year themed Starbucks mugs.

Like many other restaurants, we are not allowed to take pictures within the premise. Well, that’s why we have took the pictures in discreet.

starbucks wanda chinese new year drinks
There are two special drinks for Chinese New Year, the Peach Blossom Tea Latte and Chestnut Macchiato. I prefer the Peach Blossom Tea Latte.

If you are looking for a cool souvenir, you should visit Starbucks in China. They are having sales on last year’s Christmas items with up to 50% discount and they are selling the 2013 Chinese New Year items. They are a lovely bunch.

Remember that most shops in China cannot accept Mastercard or Visa, they only accepts cash or UnionPay. That stops us from spending more actually. Hence, if you are in Nanning and crave for a cup of coffee, you can visit this Starbucks or else you will end up buying cans of Nescafe in convenience stores. I  have attached the map of the Starbucks below.

View Starbucks Nanning in a larger map

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  1. Over cup of coffee & a muffin at your Naning branch, we were unable to hook onto your Wifi service. Though it said the verification code had already sent to us, we had had never received. If you don’t have such service, just don’t pretend you have!

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