February 24, 2024


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Wat Pah Koh Suwanaram Hatyai

It has been a while since I wrote a story on Thailand. In one of our previous trips to Thailand, we visited the Wat Pah Koh Suwanaram in Hatyai. It is one of the most popular Buddhist temples in Hatyai in the tribute to the late abbot Wat Pah Koh Suwanaram.
Wat Pah Koh Suwanaram temple
It is quite a distance from the town so it is better to charter a taxi or tuk tuk. Do negotiate the price with them.

Wat Pah Koh Suwanaram plate
It is not about how beautiful or how unique the temple is but the temple contains the late abbot Wat Pah Koh Suwanaram. When he passed away more than a decade ago, disaster strikes Hatyai, the town was hit by one of the biggest floods in decades. Many locals believed it linked to Wat Pah Koh Suwanaram.
Wat Pah Koh Suwanaram remains

Can you spot the body?
The temple houses the body of Wat Pah Koh Suwanaram. It is not mummified but the body still remains the intact without any signs of decaying. It is contained in a transparent glass box. We were to pray for blessing.
Wat Pah Koh Suwanaram blessing

We were offering the donation for the monk.
We also offered donations to the monks in term of daily essential items instead of cash. We were there briefly before we went back to Hatyai City. Sadly we didn’t manage to get the contact, map or address of the temple but most taxi drivers or tuk tuk drivers know about this temple.

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  1. hmmmm, I believe some / many Thai temple trend for body keeping with / without mummified or what . . . somehow I found it creepy and 倒胃口

    If I saw skull / skeleton is still ok la XD

      1. There is no way to explain about the body, probably when they are still alive, they eat vegetarian all the time?

        without a scientific way, when they are still alive, they got blessed by the god and to become one of the follower with Buddha. (probably there is different type of story and I am not sure about it thou)

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