May 25, 2024


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Sarawak Lawas Kolo Mee

If you think you know everything about Sarawak’s kolo mee, you have to think again after you read this. I’m not an expert on this but traveling to three towns in Sarawak gave me a different perspective on this special Sarawak’s signature dish.
lawas kolo mee shop
A few weeks ago, I was in Lawas for my photography work and I stumbled upon their version of kolo mee. An hour flight from Miri via MAS Wings, I found myself at this quiet town of Lawas, probably unknown to many West Malaysians. The town is relatively small and shops closed earlier on Sunday but I still manage to find one local decent stall selling the kolo mee thanks to my guide, Tony. The nameless corner restaurant is at Jalan Dato Pgn Hj Matus.
lawas kolo mee
Kolo Mee means dry noodle and it is different than the ones you eat everywhere else outside Sarawak. Lawas version of kolo mee is rather unique to say the least. They used slightly thicker noodle (similar to Kuching’s version) and mixed with only port (similar to Miri’s version). You can find the usual “suspects”, chopped spring onions and fragrantly fried shallots and topped with slices of pork.  The taste is not as heavy as the other and it is still decent. I found three different types of Sarawak kolo mee for now and hope to find more variations.

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  1. Sarawak not just got Kuching, Miri and Lawas kolo mee, even Sibu and other places also got. You should come KK and try our noodles too such as Tuaran noodles, Tamparuli noodles, Beaufort noodles. Ok! That;s too many with the noodles.

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