December 6, 2023


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Budget Apartment Rental in Hong Kong

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Budget Apartment Rental in Hong Kong

Every travel experience is unique and the same law applies to accommodation too. After started blogging on travel, I had the opportunities to stay at different types of accommodations. From the finest resorts in the region, budget hotel, boutique hotel and homestays, I would love experience different stay experiences. In one of my recent trip, I experienced the budget apartment rental in Hong Kong.
budget apartment hong kong

Since there were only four of us, I managed to book a good deal in Hong Kong via It is a budget apartment with two rooms, one bathroom, kitchen and living room and the price for it is less than RM450 per night! I had great experience with as I booked them in Hanoi and my reviews as follows:

Stay in a Junk in Halong Bay with

Homestay in Hoan Kiem with

Homestay in Ba Dinh Hanoi with
budget apartment hong kong room two

There are two rooms in the apartment, this is the first room.

You might think it must be far or located in one of those outskirt areas of Hong Kong but you are wrong. The apartment is located right smack in the middle of Mongkok Kowloon. The apartment is just above the ever popular “ladies market”.
budget apartment hong kong room

The second room in the apartment.
I met up with the owner, she is a friendly lady and she made sure the rooms were cleaned and the apartment came with FREE WIFI. We got two sets of key and the apartment is guarded and gated. Since it is situated above “ladies market”, food, shopping and convenience shops are not an issue. Hence, it is just a stone throw away from Kowloon’s MTR station and also a few bus stops.
budget apartment hong kong kitchen


A decent kitchen for a budget apartment.

budget apartment hong kong toilet


The only bathroom/toilet in the apartment.


Even though we only booked for two nights, we enjoyed our stay and it wasn’t as noisy as we thought as our apartment we rented was on high floors. It is definitely highly recommended for budget travellers!
ladies market

A common sight of the ladies market at night.

On top of having budget apartment rentals in Mongkok, Kowloon, TravelMob also offers budget apartment rentals and room rentals in locations in Hong Kong. Check out for more info.






0 thoughts on “Budget Apartment Rental in Hong Kong

  1. the last picture, why is everyone wearing jacket and sweater…very cold is it?
    when i went there, wore a thin t-shirt, felt like wanna take off my shirt on the spot especially inside ladies market where it seems like no oxygen at all, i was literally breathing on carbon dioxide

  2. hi, Allen
    i was looking4 a similar apartment like u in Nov for 7d6n with my kids for 7. Yours look reasonable. i got a contact from travelmob with ard RM500 per night, but the host look reluctant to clean the places, he said he can only clean the place 3days once “if we want him to”. Another one at Jordan, rate RM520 per night, but i hv2 share the place with another grp for 3days, so i didn’t take up the offer.
    Were headache looking4 budget place, can u give me the user name of the host in travelmob? or anyway i can get in touch with her? rather trust someone who has been there.
    Thanks a lot

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