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Duriano White Coffee Review

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Duriano White Coffee Review

Now, there is some excitement in the white coffee scene in Malaysia. This morning, my parents pampered me with the newest white coffee in Malaysia, Duriano White Coffee by G-Food. I’ve tasted many variations of white coffee in Malaysia but this is one of the few that is worth writing.
duriano coffee sachet
Since this is new, this is not available in the mass market. Only a few sellers are appointed to sell this. A box of Duriano White Coffee comes with 15 sachets and each sachet weighs 35 grams. That is more than the usual white coffee in the market.
duriano coffee
Duriano White Coffee is mixed with 100% Malaysian Durian (the best durians in the world) and white coffee. When you open the sachet, you can immediately smell the aroma of the fragrance of the durian. Since its 35g, you can split to two cups of coffee if you want it to be less sweet or else you really get the “kick” from the combination of white coffee and durian.

Where to buy Duriano White Coffee:

This is an ideal gift for tourists or for friends overseas. However, the availability of this product remains scarce so it will take some time for it be distributed locally (hopefully soon). I have attached one of the reseller’s address and telephone below. They are not a coffee house but they are selling the product. If you do call them, tell them you want the coffee because they are an optic shop. Remember to inform them that you get the info from PlacesAndFoods.com, a packet of Duriano White Coffee is selling at RM 45. I know its pricey but it’s worth it! By the way, it’s HALAL!

Duriano White Coffee Reseller Address and Contact:

Marcs Donam Optic

No. 10A, Jalan Sepadu, United Garden,

Off Jalan Klang Lama,

58200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: + 603 7981 0876, + 603 7981 0877

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  1. I’m such a coffee lover but a durian hater, if there’s one thing they could stop me from being a coffee addict, make all the coffee in Durian flavor and I’m done with coffee.

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