March 30, 2023

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Lok Yuen Beef Ball King樂園牛丸大王 has closed down

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Lok Yuen Beef Ball King樂園牛丸大王  has closed down

Sad but true, Lok Yuen Beef Ball King    樂園牛丸大王  has closed down. With more than 20 years in history of beef ball making and named as the king, the last shop of Lok Yuen Beef Ball King    樂園牛丸大王  in Mongkok closed down this year. All the outlets suffered the same fate due to high costs and high rentals.

I had the chance of chowing some of their infamous beef balls a few years ago in their outlet in Tsim Sha Tsui. Even though I dislike their beef stomach noodles but their beef balls lived up to the expectation. It is sad to see such a famous eatery could wind down the business. They are highly recommended by food critics and even listed in many websites.

During their peak, it is rumoured that Stephen Chow borrowed the beef balls idea from them for the Hong Kong movie “God of Eatery”.  Now, what’s left is just good memories on their fresh homemade beef balls. Let’s hope the owner had a good rest and continue his legacy soon.

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