May 29, 2023

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Platinum Mall Pratunam 2013

I’m sure you know about this shopping mall in Bangkok. It is considered as the first wholesale shopping mall in the market. With 2224 shops, the six storey shopping complex has built its reputation as one of the must visit malls in Bangkok.

Due to its popularity, the concept of wholesale shopping market is seen replicated within this few years. One of them is the Kenanga Wholesale City in Kuala Lumpur. It has the similar concept and similar group of potential customers.

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This year, while holidaying in Bangkok, I visited Platinum Mall again. It is almost similar with the last time I visited them except with the new hotel on top of the shopping mall, the Novotel Bangkok Platinum. I heard many positive reviews on this new hotel but I’ve yet to stay there.

Platinum Mall Pratunam in 2013 is still the same with the old days. Even though many people commented that there is a price hike recently but I still find the prices reasonable competitive like it used to be.

To get a wholesale price, you need to purchase two or three items from the same shop. The power of bargaining works here but it depends on shops and individuals. Rachel still managed to buy a few bags of her maternity clothes at a bargain price.

However, large sizes men clothing is hard to find there. For years I’ve been shopping at Platinum Mall and there are only a handful of shops selling large sizes clothes. They are like a rare gem in Platinum Mall and you need to find them.

As expected, the mall is crowded with locals and tourists. At the outside of the shopping mall, there are illegal stalls by the roadside. Platinum Mall remains the same, bargain wholesale prices and a haven for shoppers.


The Platinum Fashion Mall Address, Contact and Map:

Petchburi Road, ThanonPetchburi, Ratchthevi

Phone: 02-121-8000, Fax: 02-121-9009

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3 thoughts on “Platinum Mall Pratunam 2013

  1. My favourite shopping mall. I remember when I went Bangkok for the very first time last year, I purposely booked hotel near this. 5 days in Bangkok 5 day I visited and shopping here. Even this year, I brought along my family and they love this shopping mall too. =D

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