May 31, 2023

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Top 5 must visit casinos of Las Vegas

If you try to visit every great casino in Las Vegas during your trip, the end result is likely to be that you don’t spend long enough on any of them to really enjoy the casino games and other delights they offer. Therefore it’s better to limit yourself to a handful of the very best, and these are the five that you can’t afford to miss.


The Wynn Las Vegas

This could be the place for the solo Vegas visitor who just wants to get the very best casino gambling possible during their trip, with the Wynn having a reputation built solidly on the quality of its casino. The 50-storey glass building resembles a giant glittering diamond in the sunshine, and inside the gambling is of diamond standard too.

The Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino

If you want to party during your visit to Vegas, this Rio carnival-themed hotel/casino is THE place to do so. There is nowhere more colourful to spend your trip, and the atmosphere here is probably the friendliest and most fun of any casino in the resort – making it perfect for more social gambler. The popularity of this casino has left quite a legacy, with online casinos like now offering a slots game based on the Rio Carnival, ‘Mardi Gras fever’.

The Venetian

This is another themed casino, this time taking inspiration from Venice, which the exterior of the building recreates in spectacular fashion, including gondola trips. People do not traditionally associate casinos with romance, but this is the exception – which should make it the ideal stop for couples.

The Bellagio

One of the most luxurious of all the casinos in Vegas (which is quite a feat); the Bellagio boasts one of the biggest casinos in the resort, complete with a whole floor of slots games. The hotel part also offers plenty of other delights, including a spa, again making it perfect for couples to stay at.

The MGM Grand

Possibly the only place in Vegas that tops the Bellagio for glamour and opulence is the MGM Grand, which offers casino alongside a host of other musical and sporting entertainments (in its Garden Arena) The hotel part of this 30-storey establishment is also home to five swimming pools, rivers and waterfalls, ensuring a remarkable view from any room.

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