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Tai Hing HK Roast Changi Terminal 2

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Tai Hing HK Roast Changi Terminal 2

In the hunt for good airport food in Changi Airport Terminal 2, I found Tai Hing Hong Kong Roast. Well, of course there are heaps of restaurants in Terminal 2 Changi Airport but I chose Tai Hing Hong Kong Roast out of my love on Hong Kong food.
tai hing hk roast changi airport
Like other airports in the world, the prices of food in Changi Airport slightly higher than what you can get in the city. This is due to the high rental and high operating costs of running a restaurant in the airport. I totally understand it.
tai hing milk tea
If you dine in a Hong Kong based restaurant, you will always order their milk tea. Their cold version comes with a chilled milk tea. This is better as the ice won’t dilute the taste of the milk tea.
tai hing macaroni soup
While the cold milk tea brought joy the rest were simply nothing amazing to talk about. Macaroni soup with ham and egg was nothing special and disappointing.
tai hing hk roast wonton noodle
Like the macaroni, the wantan noodles was also another let down. Noodle was not cooked properly and the piece of char siew (BBQ pork) was so dry and tough. I don’t usually complain but the standard of food like these is giving them a bad name. Food starts from SG$ 10 per dish.

Tai Hing HK Roast Changi Terminal 2 Address and Contact:

60 Airport Boulevard

Changi Airport Terminal 2

Tel: 62143606

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