June 14, 2024


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How to check blog or website statistics?

I always wonder how many visitors a website or a blog get on daily. PlacesAndFoods.com gets roughly one thousand unique visitors daily and two to three thousand page views daily. I heard some website has over one million views per month and some blogs claim they have five to seven thousand page views per day. Well, getting the right stats from them could be difficult but what if you can check it online?

I know traffic stats buy is really popular nowadays and most of the websites listed below are traffic stats buy proof. Thus, bots generating stats are not calculated by these websites. Since I don’t buy traffic stats, I share my stats on my blog freely without prejudice. All of these websites offer free online stats checking.

The free websites that offers online stats checking are as below:




blog pubdb stats



Pub-db.com offers daily unique and daily pageviews but the daily unique is way off chart. Daily pageviews is the closest to my actual stats. Backlinks are correct too.



blog websiteonlooker stats


Websitelooker offers only daily page views per day, alexa ranking and domain age. The daily page views is close to my actual stats.

blog statshow stats

Statshow offers website worth, daily visitors and daily pageviews. This is also as close as its gets on my actual stats. However the website worth is just too little!

Google Analytics

blog googleanalytics
Google Analytics is the most accurate so far but since it is private you can get access of the stats unless you contact the owner. Most of them screenshots their page for proof but it is not fool-proof. Normally I send my Google Analytics print screen to my potential partners or advertisers.

There are also websites like Compete.com (US Traffic based) and Alexa.com that offers worldwide rankings. However, most of them do not offer daily or monthly stats.

Hence, there are also other pay sites that offer real stats checking. Those sites are normally used by digital agencies.

Lastly, if you want to check some stats for blogs or websites, do check out the sites above. I hope this will helps you in website/blog stats myth busting. Remember don’t cheat on your stats or you will get busted!



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