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Lunch Buffet at Rossio MGM Macau

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Lunch Buffet at Rossio MGM Macau

Well, this is not just another lunch buffet you expect. There is always something extra in each and every luxury hotels in Macau. MGM is one of them. When you step into MGM Macau, you will be mesmerized by MGM Water Aurora.
mgm macau lion
It is a huge cylindrical appearance of the Water-sky Aquarium in the middle of the hotel that promises you to be busy with your phone or camera. It’s either you do a selfie  or camwhoring or doing the most unexpected poses to get the best angle of the MGM Water Aurora. While you hypnotized by its beauty, it will make sense if the designer who created this piece involved in the movie “Life of Pi”. If you have not watch the award winning movie by Ang Lee, go and watch as it will have the same stunning visual like the MGM Water Aurora.
mgm macau water aurora overview
So after spending half an hour trying to capture my best shot, I was tired enough to sit down and ready for an International lunch buffet at Rossio. Do not be fooled by my size as I am a small eater. Don’t judge a book by its cover.
rossio mgm
Please book your table if you plan to dine at Rossio. Their lunch buffet is reasonably priced and also the ambience and the environment are comfortable.
rossio lunch buffet
Since it is a lunch buffet, I am not going to beat to bush but to highlights some of the things that are worth mentioning.
rossio seafood chew nee
Ask ten buffet lovers they will always go for the seafood. Maybe seafood is cheap in Macau because Rossio have a variety of them. Apart from oysters, they have prawns, mussels, scallops and clamps. One thing for sure, they are fresh!
rossio sushi station
They have good variety of sushi and sashimi. Thus, they have the usual stuffs like salmon, tuna and mackerel.  My usual choice is a few pieces of sashimi like salmon and tuna.
rossio pasta section
Their Italian section is quite impressive. They have freshly cooked pasta and you can see that there are many chefs in the background working non-stop to deliver the foods. Hence, instead of having ready cooked pasta on the trays, you will get freshly cooked ones.
rossio siew yoke
I’m not sure where Macau gets its pork but they are sure tasty. They serve crispy pork belly (siew yoke) for buffet, what a blessing! You can hear that crackling noise when they cutting that big piece of pork to smaller pieces for serving.

Trust me you won’t be forgetting this big rack of siew yoke for a while.
rossio ice cream
The dessert section of the buffet is the most impressive. They have six premium ice cream flavours to choose from.
rossio macau condiments
By just looking at the condiments, you will be impressed. There are 21 of them!
rossio churros
In Macau, egg tarts as dessert is a norm. No matter which hotel you go, the egg tarts are good. I believe it must be the ingredient they use or the methodology. You can’t find the similar taste tarts in Malaysia. On top of the egg tarts, surprisingly churros in on the dessert plate too. Churros is a typical Spanish dessert and usually sprinkled with sugar and dipped onto chocolate sauce. Churros is the Spanish version of Chinese “you tiao” but more density in texture.
mgm sharks
I think I’ve shared enough already. If you have nothing to do after the buffet lunch, you can also purchase their super adorable lion soft toys. The limited edition soft toys now come with shark hoodies! If not mistaken, there are five different colours of them, so grab them all while stock lasts!

*Air Asia flies from Kuala Lumpur to Macau three times daily, from Bangkok to Macau four times daily and from Chiang Mai to Macau daily.

Rossio MGM Macau Address:


Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen,

NAPE, Macau


Telephone Enquiry:

(853) 8802 2372


Email: [email protected]


Website: http://www.mgmmacau.com/rossio


Opening Hours:


Breakfast Buffet

Monday to Saturday: 7am – 11am

Sunday: 7am – 10:30am



Sunday: 11:30am – 3pm


Lunch Buffet

Monday to Saturday: 12pm – 3pm



High Tea

Daily: 3pm – 6pm


Dinner Buffet

Daily: 6pm – 11pm




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