February 1, 2023

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New York in Black and White

In one of my recent trips, I had a lengthy chat with a photographer on photography. He shared some of his work to me and I was mesmerized. Interesting enough, the black and white pictures captured my attention the most. Well, it didn’t take long for me to convert some of my old pictures to black and white.

A few years ago when I was still using point and shoot camera or dummy camera, I travelled to New York City for a working trip. I captured many pictures but it didn’t tell the story I wanted to tell. By converting some of them to black and white, the pictures now are given a new lease of life.


You don’t complete New York without visiting the Statue of Liberty. I have to brave myself with strong winds and shaky cruise to capture this picture. Even this is captured a few years ago, you can hardly tell the age of this picture.



The beauty of Spring in New York is you get to see the flowers bloom (in a way). At Macy’s Departmental Store , they transformed their departmental store to a green lush flowery jungle to celebrate Spring. That’s why shopping in New York is so fun!


This is in Broadway and we were waiting for the Yellow Cabs. 


The Empire State Building missing the King Kong. I was suppose to go up to the Empire State Building but the massive queue put us to Plan B. With time limitation, we went to Rockefeller instead and the view didn’t disappoint me at all!


One of the oldest Subway in the world. Take a subway in New York City and the experience will change your life.


Times Square at night. I was showered by the colourful lights in Times Square and at the end of the day, my mood turned colourful.


You can find all sorts of things in Times Square. Street performers are one of them. You can drop a few dollars for them or keep on walking.


This is how World Trade Center looks like after 9-11. I was emotional and speechless when I visited the site.



I really enjoy converting old pictures to black and white. I never knew colour blind is so fun. Thus, I hope you enjoy the black and white pictures of the Big Apple. Lastly, I hope to show more black and white pictures in the near future.  Thank you everyone for the support!

5 thoughts on “New York in Black and White

  1. these are really nice b&w pics. it’s true, without the color, they compel us to look again at the photos from a different perspective and notice different things about them 😀

  2. What wonderful pictures! New York has some of the most beautiful imagery in the world and you have captured it fantastically well.

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