March 26, 2023

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Pumpkin Garden Steamboat (淋園) Jalan Cheras

Malaysians love steamboat or hot pot. From the traditional soup based steamboat to many other soup based steamboat such as porridge, spicy, tom yum, corn, herbal, pork and many more. Recently, I tried a new soup based; pumpkin porridge.

Many prefer steamboat as it is healthier than many other types of cuisines. Food are cooked with soup are definitely better than deep fried but it depends what you cook. Hence, it is also fun when you get involved in the cooking process with your family or bunch of friends.

The Pumpkin Garden Steamboat (淋園) is located at Jalan Cheras, opposite of AEON Taman Maluri and the new police station. There are constructions of the new MRT going on this road and Sunway Velocity is just around the corner.

Before the meal started, I ordered their famous crispy fried chicken wings. Like steamboats, Malaysians are suckers for chicken wings too. Hence, the deep fried chicken wings are so good we ordered a second plate. There goes the healthy meal.

I ordered two soups; the usual Chinese herbal soup and their popular pumpkin porridge soup.

The steamboat set is RM 16.90 per person. You can always order the extras.

I enjoy their Chinese herbal soup based. Like the usual steamboat restaurants, the waitress will come and refill the soup.

The pumpkin porridge soup looks appetizing. Similar to porridge soup, they added pumpkin to add a faint sweet flavour to it. The soup is tasty but it is not overwhelming. For pumpkin porridge, you need to stir it often to prevent it from burning.

I am not going to beat the bush. I enjoy both soups but I prefer the traditional one more. I love it simple but my friends love the pumpkin porridge. The food is fresh and the service is good. I will bring my family to go there one day. This is not a sponsored or paid post.


Pumpkin Garden Steamboat Address and Contact:

No. 86 D,E & F,

Jalan Cheras, Batu 2 ½,

56100, Kuala Lumpur

(Opposite of AEON Taman Maluri Cheras)

Tel: +60392838868 / 0162812626 / 0122828668

Business Hours: 5pm till 1am (open daily)


7 thoughts on “Pumpkin Garden Steamboat (淋園) Jalan Cheras

  1. their pumpkin porridge is really yummy!!! and those ‘explosive’ meatballs and babi tendon meatballs are worth a mention too 🙂

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