December 8, 2023


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Rigor Mortis (殭屍) Review

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Rigor Mortis (殭屍) Review

If you are missing old school Chinese vampire / zombie movies, you are up for a treat. This is probably the best modern Chinese vampire movie ever made in this decade. There is no doubt about it Chinese vampire lovers will love this movie.
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I won’t say Juno Mak is a genius for producing Rigor Mortis (殭屍) but his interpretation is commended. Rigor Mortis (殭屍) sets in modern Hong Kong where Chinese vampires are myths and urban legends. I will not spoil the movie but the storytelling is strong and I love the plot. Some might argue about the strength of the ending but I thought it is okay.

There are many close ups and sound effects (as usual). The veteran casts lift up the movie. However, I felt Chin Siu Ho’s acting is stiff. He could do better. You will be happy to see many veteran casts like Lo Hoi Pang, Chan Yau and many others.

There are many gory scenes. Neck cutting, stabbing and head crushing scenes are visually impactful. I have never seen such scenes in any Chinese vampire movies before. If you are a horror fan, you will love it. There are quite a number of unexpected scenes and the details of the story in this movie really impressed me. Unlike most horror movies using audio effects to scare the audience, Rigor Mortis (殭屍) relies on strong visual effects. Stunning for some of them. In fact there are a few scenes are unbearable to watch and I’m not going to spoil it.

This is the best Hong Kong horror movie for the past few years. With strong casts, Juno Mak’s Rigor Mortis (殭屍) will give you a long lasting impression forever. This visual telling is very detail and strong. In fact, the earlier part of the movie is quite artsy patsy. for some. Don’t repeat my mistake, watching this movie for midnight show and I can’t sleep afterthat!


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