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Samsung NX-20 Panorama Function

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Samsung NX-20 Panorama Function

What is the best way to capture a city view? Panorama Function is the best. While many newer cameras come with this option, not all are aware of it.

When I had Samsung NX-11 with me, I was blessed with its panorama function. NX-20 on the other hand perfected the function.
samsung nx 20
It sounds simple as you change the dialler (on top of the camera) to scene mode and select panorama function.

Few things you need to know before planning to shoot a panoramic picture.
panoramic macau city view

(Macau City View)
Firstly, understand what you want to capture. Then, plan for shot. It is easy to take a panoramic picture with Samsung NX-20. Click once and move your camera either horizontally or vertically and stop panning to stop the function. It sounds simple.

The major culprit of panorama function is moving objects. When you plan your shot and while you are panning, there are random people who walked across your camera will create a moving human image in the picture. For that, you have to capture again.
panoramic halong bay

(Halong Bay Vietnam view)
I have used the panorama function quite a number of times during my media trip. Some are flawless and some might need a few takes for the best shot. Remember what I said, plan your shot properly and what you want into the picture, your Samsung NX-20 will be your best traveling mate forever.


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