June 5, 2023

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Kurobuta Ramen at Tampopo Ngee Ann City

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Kurobuta Ramen at Tampopo Ngee Ann City

There is nothing is more interesting than kurobuta ramen. For those who knows what kurobuta means, it means black pig and it is one of highest most sought after quality food in Japan after Kobe beef. It is extremely rare and hard to find it in restaurants in Malaysia because of its price and demand. Kurobuta is definitely one of my “to eat list”.

When I was traveling in Singapore last weekend, I find love in Orchard Road. On top of its shopping, I find comfort food too. I’m not talking about street or hawker food but proper dining food.

I have been to Ngee Ann City for a few times or it also better known as Takashimaya and this time I found Tampopo. It is voted to have the best ramen in Singapore by HungryGoWhere.com.

That tagline didn’t interest me as much as kurobuta ramen and it didn’t cost a bomb too. A bowl of best ramen is pricing in a comfort zone below $ 20 dollars with double portion of kurobuta, how tempting.

So I ordered a bowl of Singapore best ramen with double portion of kurobuta. The bowl of ramen is comes with Kyushu style ramen and sprinkled with striking red chilli flakes. The pork bone soup takes 2 days to cook and you can definitely identify it when it comes. The best ramen didn’t disappoint me and the thin slices of double portion kurobuta are legendary. It is definitely worth every dollar I paid for this gorgeous looking bowl of ramen. By the way, the kurobuta used is imported from US.

I heard Tampopo has a few outlets but I am definitely bringing Rachel for this in our next trip to Singapore. Best ramen and kurobuta, they are definitely the best ever you can find in a bowl of ramen.


Tampopo Ngee Ann City Address:

#B2-33, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, 391 Orchard Road

Phone: 62352318

Opening Hours

Daily: 11:00 – 22:00

6 thoughts on “Kurobuta Ramen at Tampopo Ngee Ann City

  1. Nice! Thanks for sharing, will check it out if i happen to be in SG! I think KL and SG can easily find some decent Ramens but unfortunately not quite the same for Penang though….

  2. IS my Internet got problem? I can only see THREE comments out of FIVE comments. WHY~~?!

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