June 9, 2023

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Mun Kee Steamed Fish Head Restaurant Imbi

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Mun Kee Steamed Fish Head Restaurant Imbi

I’m not a big fan of steamed fish head but I am a lover of steamed fish. I just don’t really know how to appreciate the details of the fish head. Even so, it won’t stop me from enjoying myself dining at Mun Kee Steamed Fish Head Restaurant in Imbi. It is located next to the famous Imbi bakuteh restaurant.

It is just an ordinary Chinese restaurant, nothing artsy fartsy. Let the impression do the talking by the food instead of the outlook.

Thai Style Chicken in the Pot (I just make up the name). Just like the picture, the food is equally gorgeous.

Steamed Minced Meat. This feels just like home made, comfort food. This always goes well with the rice.

Garlic and Ginger Steamed Fish, the speciality of this restaurant. The presentation seriously can be better but don’t judge the book by its cover. The fish is steamed to perfection and we make sure there is nothing left to waste.

Assam Steamed Fish. Those beautiful cooked assam paste goes well with the fish. Even though it is overwhelming but it didn’t massacre the taste of the fish.

Lastly, I had the butter prawns. Sinful but yet it is beautiful. That is the proper way to end the dinner. In case you are wondering, the bill didn’t burn a hole in my pocket. In fact it was very reasonable and even though you might say…. “It is in Imbi wor….”

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Mun Kee Steamed Fish Head Restaurant Imbi Address, Contact and GPS:

45-47, Jalan Medan Imbi, Bukit Bintang

55100, KL

Tel: 016 298 7876

GPS: 3.144894 , 101.7149519



5 thoughts on “Mun Kee Steamed Fish Head Restaurant Imbi

  1. Oh me likey, too bad we hardly find a nice steamed fish head here in Penang, most of them are curry fish head, i guess hokkien prefer bold flavors

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