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San Peng Yong Tau Fu

There is another food stall in Jalan San Peng that is worth a mention. It is the new Yong Tau Fu stall which opened a few months ago. Even though it is well kept hidden in between the famous San Peng Chicken Rice and Prawn Noodle Stall, you just can ignore their crowd.

In Malaysia and Singapore, people queue up for good food. It is not about their location but how good is the food. Price is not a matter too. There are many famous yong tau fu restaurants but the food is often overrated.
san peng yong tau fu
So I found this small stall selling yong tau fu in Jalan San Peng. I went there for lunch around 12.30pm and most of the yong tau fu were sold out. However, we still managed the leftovers.
san peng yong tau fu leftovers
The leftovers were Fried Foo Chook (Beancurd skin) and Fried Dumplings. Priced at RM 1.10 each, it is one of the cheapest in KL. Other popular joints are selling at RM 1.30 each, inflation!
san peng yong tau fu fried foo chook
Since Peel Road Yong Tau Fu (yes they have moved away from Peel Road), this is one of the better ones. You get the umpphhh while having those fried foo chook.
san peng yong tau fu soup
The rest are good as well. Stuffed toufu, fish balls and stuffed lady’s finger. We had it with noodles and rice, the chee cheong fun was sold out too.

Definitely good food, not nice environment but will still come back for more!

San Peng Yong Tau Fu Address:

Jalan San Peng, Kuala Lumpur (Lunch Time Only)

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