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Village Roast Duck The Gardens

Recently, my parents told me of a place with good roast duck and char siew (caramelize pork belly). The place is Village Roast Duck at The Gardens. It won’t take me long to try it as I’m a lover of char siew and roast duck.
village roast duck
The restaurant is located at Lower Ground The Gardens, next to Purple Cane. As expected, it is packed during dinner time. While the crowd is not as insane as Din Tai Fung a few steps away but when the restaurant is packed, it means good.
village roast duck drumstick
We started the dinner with their Signature Roast Duck. We ordered a quarter of bird. Well, the taste is good and the even though the skin is not crispy as I thought. On top of the roast duck, they have fried duck too. I will keep that on my next visit.
village roast duck char siew and siew yoke
I believe the highlight of the dinner is their char siew and siew yoke combinations. The char siew is highly recommended. It is sweet and tender and it is not over caramelized while the siew yoke is tender too with its crispy skin. The siew yoke might not be the best I’ve tasted but it is better than many out there. The char siew is definitely highly recommended.
village roast duck pork belly with salted fish in a pot
Next, I ordered the Pork Belly with Salted Fish in a Pot. Well, surprisingly this is good as well even though I prefer more salted fish in this dish. I realized that the portion of the standard dish in the menu is good for two to three persons as you can take note on this.
village roast duck four heavenly kings
The Four Heavenly Kings as people called this vegetable dish. It is hard to go wrong with this nowadays.
village roast duck shredded beef with spicy
Lastly, it is the Crispy Shredded Beef with Chili. The crispy shredded beef reminds me of the Australia’s Chinese restaurants’ way of cooking this. This is extremely crispy and sweet and it does bring back lots of old memory when I was in Australia. I’m not trying to be drama but it is how I feel. This dish is slightly over in sweetness but it is still good overall.

After I heard so many recommendations and reviews from my friends, I finally tried Village Roast Duck. Surprisingly, the char siew is on top of my list instead of the roast duck. Their Chinese dishes are quite good too. Service is outstanding as there is this waitress helping me taking hot water to warm the milk for my baby and she is always around when you need someone. The price is standard shopping mall pricing and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. This is a not a paid or sponsored review.

Village Roast Duck The Gardens Address and Contacts:

The Gardens Mall (LG-205),

Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur 59200

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