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Deli2Go Shell Station Malaysia Review

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Deli2Go Shell Station Malaysia Review

At most times, many branded petrol stations’ food as the worst they can find. I agree with that statement until I stumbled upon Deli2Go at Shell Station in Puchong. When I enter the Shell Select store, the fragrant of the pastries catch my attention and to my surprise, there is a counter selling pastries hot from oven in a Shell petrol station. How can that possible?
deli2go shell
Well, I am not getting paid to write but if I do write, there is something positive behind it. Thus, I ordered a few pastries for takeaway. At the time I’m ordering, they are still baking the croissants as I was there quite early in the morning.
deli2go shell malaysia
I tried their signature pastry, Firecracker Sausage. It is so good, it can put some of the bakeries to shame. I know it is hard to believe but it is well done and you can find quality in it!
deli2go shell malaysia pastries
Same goes to the curry puff and other pastries. Fresh is one thing but most of them are delicious and they are baked on the spot in the station! Seriously, the guys behind the counter are not bakers but those are really great food.

Hence, I wonder how many Deli2Go out there in Malaysia so  I ask the station manager and I get to know that there are only four Shell Stations in Klang Valley are offering Deli2Go. They are still in Beta (testing mode) and I heard they will be more coming soon next year.

The one I tried is in Puchong (near the Kajang/Putrajaya toll) and I heard there are a few more in Petaling Jaya near Penchala and also NKVE. I really hope there are more Deli2go outlets especially near where I’m staying. It is an ideal quality food for breakfast on the go as well as quick bites.

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