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How to go to Koh Lipe

There are many people talking and travelling to Koh Lipe lately. If you never heard about this island, don’t worry you still have to plan your holiday there.
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Koh Lipe is an island located in Andaman Sea of Thailand. Thus, i is rated as one of the finest and most beautiful islands in Thailand because due to its location, it is also not as commercialize as the other popular islands like Phuket Island, Phi Phi Island, Koh Samui, Koh Samed and Koh Pangan.


koh lipe island

 Crystal clear sea at Koh Lipe.

Koh Lipe is located in the province of Satun and it borders with state Perlis of Malaysia. With Satun’s unique history with Kedah, Koh Lipe is located at the border of Thailand-Malaysia and near Langkawi Island.

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Koh Lipe is popular with its serene beaches and crystal clear water. The island is open all year long and its peak season is from November to April. Koh Lipe is located near Koh Adang and Koh Rawi and next to Tarutao National Park.

koh lipe beach

The best to enjoy Koh Lipe is to stay on the island for a few nights and enjoy the beauty of this island and the surrounding area. There are many cafes and restaurants on the island that offer FREE WIFI.

Do explore the islands nearby and also mesmerized by the beauty of the Andaman Sea.

How to go to Koh Lipe? 

koh lipe map


Map of Koh Lipe and the distance to Telaga Harbour and Pak Bara.

Video of the speed boat reaching Koh Lipe

Travel from Pak Bara, Satun to Koh Lipe:
pak barra ferry

It is cheaper to take the speed boat from Pak Bara jetty in Satun. However, the distance is further. It took more than one half hour to reach Koh Lipe and sometimes the captain might stop on other islands too. Please check on your operator for itinerary.

pak bara jetty

Return speed boat fees: 1200 THB and above (prices varies depending on speed boat operators)

Please take note: some boat operators are not operating during May to October.

It takes two hours of driving from Hatyai to Pak Bara, Satun and also more the less the same tim from Wang Kelian border from Perlis, Malaysia. It is advisable to rent a private taxi from Hatyai airport to Pak Bara.


Travel from Telaga Harbour, Langkawi to Koh Lipe:

It is the fastest way to reach Koh Lipe via speed boat. It takes an hour from Langkawi to reach Koh Lipe. Most of the operators run at Telaga Harbour. Remember to bring your passport and stamp it the immigration centre in Koh Lipe.
telaga harbour front
Return speed boat fees: RM 240 and above (prices varies depending on speed boat operators)

All boat operators are not operating during May to October.

More info on the exact timing and also speed boat availability from other islands in Thailand, visit

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