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Mui Kee Famous Hainanese Chicken Rice Hatyai

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Mui Kee Famous Hainanese Chicken Rice Hatyai

There is one popular Hainanese chicken rice in Hatyai. It is called Mui Kee and it is just a stone throw away from Lee Gardens Hotel. Located at 130, Thumnoonvidthi Road, the restaurant opens quite early in the morning.
mui kee hainanese chickens
By the time I reached there around 9 am, the place starting to fill up with customers. I know it’s weird to have Hainanese chicken rice in the morning and but the sake of trying, I don’t mind having it than the usual hotel’s breakfast.
mui kee chicken
Judging from the look of the Hainanese chicken hanging at the entrance of the restaurant, it won’t go that horribly wrong. From what I’ve heard, they can debone a “chicken wing” perfectly.
mui kee condiments
They have a few condiments to go along with the chicken. Thus, they are very generous with the thick sweet dark sauce.
mui kee hainanese chicken set
I ordered the portion for three people. The portion is quite generous and the chicken taste quite good. Thus, the locals nicknamed Mui Kee as the “best chicken rice restaurant in Hatyai”.  The meat is tender and soft and it is comfort food. I don’t mind having this for breakfast or lunch.

I also ordered a bottle of sugar cane juice. They are the sweetest sugar cane juice I’ve tasted. Altogether with the chicken, the bills cost us around 370 baht. A little bit pricey but worth the money, I will come back for sure.

Mui Kee Famous Hainanese Chicken Rice Hatyai Address, Contact and Map:

130, Thumnoonvidthi Road,


Tel: (074) 238 096

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  1. Yea… kinda odd to have chicken rice at 9am but i guess i’ll try too, for novelty sake. Thanks for sharing, will mark this place down! 😀

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