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Penang Road Teochew Chendul in Paradigm Mall

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Penang Road Teochew Chendul in Paradigm Mall

Be it chendul or cendol, the famous Penang Road Teochew Chendul is now available in Kuala Lumpur. To be precise it is at Lower Ground, Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya. Well, seriously I don’t see this coming even though the franchise business is growing rapidly in Malaysia.

If you never heard of the Penang Road Teochew Chendul, you should go to Penang often for holiday or food trip. It is one of the most popular food stalls in Penang. Long queue everyday all year long and you can read my review at Famous Penang Road Cendol.
penang road chendul paradigm mall outlet
Thus, recently I heard that they opened a branch in Paradigm Mall and I couldn’t resist trying the chendul. It is a small outlet and it crowded. Everyone loves chendul. On top of that, they also sell Penang local food such as assam laksa, curry mee, popiah and others.
penang road chendul paradigm mall
They are selling RM 2 per bowl in Penang and it is RM 4.90 per bowl in Paradigm Mall. The size of the bowl is twice the size from the ones in Penang but do remember the high rental in Paradigm Mall. Thus, I thought that big bowl of chendul might have diluted the taste and I am wrong. It tastes exactly the same like the one in Penang. The bowl comes with rich flavour of “palm sugar” and coconut milk and the homemade chendul makes you want to order a second bowl.
penang road chendul curry mee
I also order the Penang Curry Mee. However, it turns out to be a little disappointing. The cockles or “siham” are not fresh and the vegetables are not cooked together with the white curry. However, the taste is still good and there are a couple of prawns and sliced cuttlefish. If they use fresh cockles and cooked the vegetables with the soup, it could be better.
penang road chendul fried popiah
Lastly, I order the fried popiah. At a glance, there is nothing special about the popiah. Indeed there is nothing special about it except the skin is deep fried to perfection and they use assam laksa broth as its condiment. I love the combined taste and truly enjoyable.

Sometimes we do not need complicated food but simple and comfort food. I enjoy the chendul at this new outlet in Paradigm Mall. I will definitely go there again to satisfy my craving for awesome chendul!

Penang Road Teochew Chendul in Paradigm Mall Address:

Lower Ground (opposite the supermarket)



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  1. Haha, the road side stall at PG road is no longer Rm2…. i think its Rm 2.20 or Rm 2.40 recently, small amount of cendol and red beans found but quite a lot of sugar syrup. I’d prefer some other local stalls over this for quite sometime :p

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