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The Best Kacang Tumbuk (Peanut Candy)

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The Best Kacang Tumbuk (Peanut Candy)

It has been a busy weekend with family so I won’t be writing something long. Recently, I find a new love on an almost forgotten food, kacang tumbuk (peanut candy). Why forgotten? Because I have not eaten any good kacang tumbuk for many years.
best kacang tumbuk
Kacang Tumbuk is a type of peanut candy is a popular sweet in Malaysia. It is easily recognized as it is often wrapped in thin white paper wrapping. The candy itself is rectangular in shape. The outer layer is formed with caramel while it is crushed peanuts inside. The tricky part is to find the candy with the least caramel used to hold the candy’s shape as outer layer and the candy remains intact. Most of the common kacang tumbuk is either deformed because of the outer layer is too thin or too thick. Finding the perfect kacang tumbuk is as hard as it get.
best kacang tumbuk eu fatt
Recently, I found the best kacang tumbuk so far through my parents. They bought the candy from the Serdang wet market. The price is pricier than the usual ones but you can see quality when you open the wrapper. Not just the candy is intact as a piece but it is not over caramelized. Without knowing, I had at least four to five pieces as it is so addictive. The company that makes this gorgeous peanut candy is Eu Fatt Trading Co from Ipoh. It is sold in Serdang for RM 5.50 per pack. You can call them (contact below) to know where to get this peanut candy and good luck!

This is not an advertorial, paid or sponsored post. This is as honest as it can be.

Eu Fatt Trading Co Contact and Address:

No 8, Jalan Prince Melor Park,

31650 Ipoh Perak

Tel: 05-2541871, 012-5150016

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  1. Hi, I’m a Malaysian living in Florida. Kacang tumbuk is one of my favorite sweets. My question is, do you ship internationally. I’m hoping you do.

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