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Gordon Studio Glass & Gallery Red Hill

Remember the most common glass art piece from the past? The ship inside a bottle? I believe that is the most fascinating art piece as most children will ask how is ship squeezes into the bottle? As we grow older, we understand that is a piece of glass art but how did they do it?
gordon studio sign
This brings me to one of the most fascinating places I visited in Australia, Red Hill Victoria. If you plan to go to Red Hill, make it a day trip or stay a night around there. Thus, there are vineyards and restaurants that deserve a look in Red Hill.
gordon studio glass blowers gallery drawings
Gordon Studio Glass Blowers gallery and studio was built in 2005. The gallery incorporates rural views, landscaped exteriors with a bright and open interior space, enabling customers to view a large range of finished art works on display.
gordon studio glass blowers gallery interior
If you love art and glasses, you will fell in love with this place. The place is filled with glass pieces with different type of sizes, shapes and colours. There are many masterpieces in display and I’m sure you will be interested to get a few pieces for your coffee table or living room.
gordon studio glass blower
To make it more interesting, there is a blowing room. See the blowing room and experience the searing heat of the furnaces from the security and comfort of a light filled viewing mezzanine, where you can observe master glass artisans working and learn about the ancient art of glass blowing.
gordon studio glass blowers gallery
Even though I stand feet away, I can feel the heat and it is not easy for the glass blowers to shape out a design out of the glass with such heat. It is all about skills and experience. Most of the designs are drafted for the glass blowers to create.
gordon studio glass blowers garden art
I never thought glass blowing is such technical and difficult. These glass blowers are world renowned and the glasses available there are beautiful and stylish. The workmanship and design of the glasses there are masterpieces.

Remember to get a few pieces when you are there as it is cheaper to get it from the source than art houses and galleries.


Gordon Studio Glass Blowers Address and Contact:

290 Red Hill Road, cnr Dunns Creek Road

Red Hill VIC 3937

Tel: (03) 5989 7073

Fax: (03) 5989 7072

Website: www.gordonstudio.com.au

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