December 8, 2023


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Kuching Kolo Mee at Restoran Jin Hong (新景鸿茶餐室)Taman Damai Utama

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Kuching Kolo Mee at Restoran Jin Hong (新景鸿茶餐室) Taman Damai Utama

I remember putting a picture of this Kuching Kolo Mee some time ago on my Facebook Page and it garnered interesting comments. Most of them said this is not the original Kuching Kolo Mee. Original or not, this stall (which sells Hakka Mee also) is the only reason for me to eat at this food court.
jin hong shop
There is only one food court in Taman Damai Utama (sandwiched between “Kinrara”s) and it is called Restoran Jin Hong (新景鸿茶餐室). There are other food stalls as well but the highlight is this kolo mee.
jin hong kolo mee
The argument of the originality of this kolo mee is mainly because there is fried pork as part of the ingredient. I’m not sure whether they want to localise the flavour with the fried pork but I know people who comes for this noodle.
jin hong kolo mee picture
To be fair, it tastes quite good overall. The noodle, the minced pork and the fried pork actually works well together. I didn’t try their Hakka noodle though. It is definitely one of the better ones and don’t compare with the ones from Kuching, that’s unfair!


Kuching Kolo Mee at Restoran Jin Hong Address and Contact:

13, Jalan Damai Utama 1,

Taman Damai Utama,

Puchong, Bandar Kinrara, 47180

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