December 1, 2023


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The Weight Loss Program at Mediviron UOA Clinic

This might not be a food, travel or shopping article but it will help you if you are overweight or obese like me. It is not my first time trying to lose weight. I tried many methods in the past but it works on the short term and whatever I try to do recently to lose weight, it didn’t help.
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Many will ask me to exercise. If I have the time and determination, I will not turn to the size of what I am now. Furthermore, enjoying good food is a norm to me. Yes, good food means “bad food” and you can’t have that daily.

In the past, I’ve tried many diet programs and how much money wasted on them. Most of them work for the first time but later on nothing seems to happen. Hence, you have to rely on those products in the long run and it works different with different individuals so there is no right or wrong having those products. Then, I decided to seek for professional advice, a doctor.
mediviron uoa clinic
I was recommended to Dr. Jasmine in Mediviron UOA Clinic for consultation.

I had a lengthy session with her after checking my BMI stats. The results were not promising and I had to do blood check. The blood check up is important for the doctor to know is there any thing wrong in my body and what is the best option for me to lose weight. Like I said, every individual is different so getting a proper blood check up will make sure there is no guessing game.
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My first session with Dr. Jasmin was a lengthy one as I started throwing questions to her. However, there is nothing she can do as she needs to see the report before she can start with me. Thus, I have to come back on the following week.

With my “not so great” blood check up report, Dr. Jasmine recommended me HCG diet program. HCG is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body and it triggers the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for metabolism and causes abnormal body fat to release. HCG floods your body with stores of 2000 to 4000 calories per day of abnormal fat reserves. With our Advanced HCG diet you are not living off the calories you consume but stored fat calories, and the released calories provide the necessary energy your body needs while reducing hunger and keeping the body out of starvation mode. HCG dieters report that they feel better and have more energy because of these effects.

I will go through 28 days of HCG diet program and currently on 11th day of the diet and shed off around 4 to 5 kg of weight. Doing this diet, I can have two healthy meals per day and drink as much water as I can. Thus, Dr. Jasmine encourages workouts and exercises. I am given a weekly dose of individual HCG injections for daily injections. Don’t worry it is not painful because the needle is tiny and injecting the tummy area feels like a mosquito bite.

There are many places are conducted without proper professionals and doctors. Thus, many discourage the drinking plenty of water as it will increase your body weight but in actual it is the other way around. There is no such thing as losing weight without exercise and eating right meal. This program is not meant to starve you but changing your eating habit and lifestyle!
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The most important of this diet is it makes me aware what I’m drinking and eating. There are many fantastic food in our country but once you count those calories, it will fright you out. Thus, I have weekly badminton session to keep this moving.

This program is designed for 28 days or 40 days and you will back to your daily routine. HCG diet program works to break those stubborn fats within your body and resetting your body metabolism. I have a two more weeks to go before my next holiday and I will be back with my usual food reviews.

Disclaimer: This diet program is sponsored by Mediviron UOA.


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