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Five Australian Unique Food You Should Buy in Melbourne Airport

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Five Australian Unique Food You Should Buy in Melbourne Airport

Have you ever frustrated because you didn’t shop enough during your holiday? It happens to me in various times so nowadays I will shop before I wait for my chances. If you are one of the unlucky frustrated travellers and you are traveling back in Melbourne International Airport, I will draw a smile on your face.
melbourne airport
At International Terminal Two, there is one shop (after you cleared the custom and immigration zones) by the name of the Australian Produce Shop. There are many food includes macadamia, nougats, chocolate and wines but I find some other food that is more special.


melbourne abalone
Australia is famous as one of the top producers for the best quality abalones in the world. I’ve visited one of them in Tasmania and tasted the fresh abalone; it is out of this world. This is not the canned abalone you can find in your regular Chinese shops or supermarkets, this are sealed pack abalones. These are not the dried ones. Sealed pack abalones can stay frozen for a limited time to maintain the best texture of the meat. Ask the counter for more information. Sealed pack abalones are not dried abalones and they don’t come cheap!

melbourne sea scallop
It is the unexpected find actually. I know oysters and black shell mussels are popular in Australia and scallops are totally new to me. Scallops you eat in Malaysia are usually come from Japan, North America and certain parts of Europe but most of the waters there are not as pristine as Australia. Imagine you lightly pan fried these sea scallops with butter, how heavenly.

Crocodile Meat
melbourne crocodile meat
Remember the days of Crocodile Dundee and one of my all-time idol, the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin? Certain parts of Australia are natural habitats for these reptiles and their meat is popular among Asians. Even though naturally I am a Chinese descendant but I do not consume exotic meat like crocodiles but you fancy something different on your dining plate, why not give these a try?


Kangaroo Meat
melbourne kangaroo meat
The most iconic animal in Australia is Kangaroo. They are cute and you can find them almost everywhere in Australia (except the cities). When I was studying and staying in Australia, I had a few close encounters with Kangaroos. They are in general peaceful and calm.

Like it or not, you can eat them as well only for its tail. I tried kangaroo meat in a few occasions and even though I’m not a big fan but they sure taste unique. You can buy the kangaroo meat and impress your dining mates with it.

melbourne emu jerky
Ostrich meat might be a popular food in Asia but many never heard of Emu. Emu (only available in Australia) is a distance cousin of ostrich. It is smaller in size and has the similar characteristics of ostrich.

There is no emu fresh or frozen meat available but the closest you can get is the jerky version of it. I’m not a big fan of jerky but at least a souvenir that is unique and only available in Australia only.
melbourne jerky
Thus, there are also jerky version of beef, crocodile and kangaroo meat. Thus, I am not a big fan of jerky though but they are good as gifts and souvenirs.

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